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******************************************************************************** ******************************* Word Pro *************************************** ******************************* by *************************************** ***************************** C.D.Harrison ************************************* ******************************************************************************** Word Pro, is a wordprocessor that captures all the features found on more expensive wordprocessors, AA has given you a chance to have a wordprocessor very cheap, although it is written in BASIC, it still has quite fast features. It does however, because it is BASIC, it requires a garbage collection, which stops the computer from doing any action until it's memory is tidied up, so please do not worry it the computer pauses for a few seconds. Word Pro has some good features, here they are:- 80 column mode 26 colour palette for border paper and ink. 3 speedwrites (1000, 1500, 2000 baud!) 20 printer control codes! NLQ printing! Automatic memory ajustment for ROMS! Page counter Full cursor movement Beginning of line in two key presses End of line in two key presses. Top of document in two key presses Bottom of document in two key presses Capatalise Uppercase Lowercase Word Count Character count 5 spaces on TAB key. Load in other wordprocessor documents into memory Merge in word pro documents Merge in other wordprocessor documents into memory Encrypt your files! Decrypt your files! Each feature will now be explained. 80 column mode....You can have rows of 80 charcters per line of text! 26 colour palette...You can have your document in the colour that you like and that's border, paper and ink which are saved when the document is saved 3 speedwrites (1000, 1500, 2000 baud) I thought two speedwrite wasn't enough, so three would make choice better, the 1500 baud is fast and reliable. 20 printer control codes...You can have up to 20 printer control codes when your document gets printed, although NLQ is already a option. You can also have multi copies of document on printer, plus there's an printer off-line warning system! Automatic memory ajustment...If you have a ROM plugged in then Word Pro will automatically cut a slice of it's memory out for the ROM so that no clash of programs will occur! Page counter is encountered on the Garbage collection page, along with other very useful information such as how many line of text your computer can take. Full cursor movement....Left and right, Up and down movement is possible with the cursor keys. Beginning and End line movement. By pressing the appropriate keys you can skip to the beginning or end of the present line in one movement. Top and bottom of document movement...By pressing the appropriate keys you can skip to the top and bottom of your document in one movement. Load in other WP files. If you have a wordprocessor that saves in standard ASCII then you can load it into Word Pro and edit it or do what you wish. Merge in wordpro files is not true merging, but tagging onto the end of the document merging, still it is very useful. Merge in other wordprocessor files...This has to be useful, especially when you can merge in other files onto the end of your document. Word Count...This counts the words in your document, very good for limited space Character count...This counts the characters your document takes, it does not count spaces just anything apart from spaces. Encrypt...This lets you protect your document from prying eyes. Pick a code from 1 to 90 and wait. The computer will make your document look very ugly. Just please remember the code! Decrypt...This lets you unraval your messed up document into what it was before, simply type in the correct code and wait. Here are some example of the Uppercase, Lowercase and Capatalise. This is a word processor. (normal) This Is A Word Processor. (capatalise) THIS IS A WORD PROCESSOR. (uppercase) this is a word processor. (lowercase) Here are the key functions and what they do:- TAB...5 spaces on current line. CTRL+ left cursor....Beginning of line CTRL+ right cursor...End of line CTRL+ up cursor...Top of document CTRL+ down cursor...Bottom of document ENTER..One line down right cursor..move along present line in one character position to the right left cursor..move along present line in one character position to the left up cursor..move up the document one line down cursor..move down one line SHIFT+TAB..change casing of character under cursor CTRL+L...lowercase whole of document CTRL+U...Uppercase whole of document CTRL+C...Capatalise whole of document CTRL+D...delete present line (delete the line a few times!) CTRL+T...copy line into a string buffer CTRL+P...Place the copied line onto present cursor position. CTRL+M...Go to main menu CTRL+E..signal end of document marker (saves time on saving and counting) CTRL+[..insert a space into the present line The editing and creation of documents is the same function. Word Pro is menu driven, in other words, pressing the appropriate key which is alongside the instruction will take you to that function. All menu's and submenu's are self explanatory. The document will always be in overtype mode. There is a trap error feature, which when triggered will tell you what you may have done wrong, the program is bugless, so don't moan if you encounter an error the error possibilities are listed on the error page. I hope you enjoy this program as much as I did writing it, Good luck! Carl Harrison....1989 ********************************************************************************

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