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**** Relentless **** Loading IMPORTANT: Do not attempt to insert or remove the game ROM from the expansion port with the power on. Insert the ROM into the expansion port and turn the power on. Type |relent and press return to start the game. Story Blast your way to the end zone, but watch out, the enemy are Relentless! Gameplay Avoid walls and bullets, destroy the enemy ships and turrets. Destroying an entire wave of ships will reward you with a points bonus dependent on the level of the bonus meter. The bonus meter is raised by destroying a wave, but drains slowly over time. Destroy waves quickly for a high score! Instructions Select difficulty and controls by using the function keys (numeric key pad on CPC464) from the title screen. The available control options are: Joystick Keys Cursor Move Up Joy1 Up Q Cur Up Move Down Joy1 Down A Cur Down Move Left Joy1 Left O Cur Left Move Right Joy1 Right P Cur Right Fire Joy1 Fire1 Space Space Credits Code & Sfx Axelay Graphics rexbeng Music Tom&Jerry Tools Winape Executioner Exomizer Magnus Lind Z80 decompressor Metalbrain Arkos tracker Targhan Special Thanks endangermice Grimm

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