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3D Quasars

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3D QUASARS Runs on the Amstrad CPC 464/664/6128 LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Ensure the tape is rewound. Press CTRL and small enter keys simultaneously, press PLAY on Datacorder then any key. GAME DESCRIPTION The Proxima War was a long time in the winning, and fighting was never more intense than in its closing years. Federation members were forced back to protect their home planets, and the emphasis shifted from space to surface warfare. With nuclear photons the enemy have blasted a tunnel through the Quasar defence system. As captain of a Tarantula C1 patrol ship, you must attack the enemy craft and defend the tunnel, until the entrance has been sealed. Control your ship with joystick or the following keys: Z = LEFT X = RIGHT SHIFT = FIRE You have three ships per game, and a bonus ship is given when you have reached a score of 5000. The game gets progressively harder as each round is completed. GOOD LUCK COPYRIGHT (C) 1985 SOLAR SOFTWARE LTD. The game 3D QUASARS and this packaging are strictly copyright, both in content and audio visual appearance. Unauthorised copying, lending, hiring, reselling, public broadcasting, transmission or distribution is prohibited without express written permission of Solar Software Ltd. Packaging design by Pamela Rushton, Southport, Merseyside.

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