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Hard Drivin'


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THE GAME It's MEAN. It's HARD. It's HERE! HARD DRIVIN', the ultimate driving simulator, races on to your home computer from its runaway success in the arcades. Now you can get behind the wheel of the world's top sports car on a stunt course. Jump bridges, drive the speed track or even get dizzy on the vertical loop - all in super realistic solid 3D. Top drivers can challenge the Phantom Photon in a head-to-head, no holds barred contest to find the top Hard Driver! GETTING STARTED Hard Drivin' consists of two tracks - The Stunt Track and The Speed Track each testing a different aspect of your driving skills. The Stunt Track features three main stunts - the Bridge Jump, the Loop-the-Loop and the Bank. Pay particular attention to the speed signs and your own velocity. Driving at more than 60 miles per hour over the bridge will launch you into the air to crash on landing, and under 60 mph means you won't jump far enough. The 60 Minimum sign on the Vertical Loop means you will have to drive at 60 mph or more just to stay on the loop as you spin through it! As you practise you should be able to take the Bridge, Bank and Loop at more than the recommended speeds. Make it to the checkpoints on the course and you will recieve a time bonus. If you do a fast enough lap you can race the Phantom Photon (the computer's car) in a race around the Stunt Track. The Phantom drives a mean race and crashing means instant disqualification. GAME TIPS Practice skid control - this can save valuable seconds, as can good road position on the bends. Advanced drivers can usually take the Bank at 110 miles per hour by going in on the right and steering heavily to the left on exit - but watch that you don't go over the edge! CONTROLS: Amiga, Atari ST, IBM PC: Use Joystick or Mouse for Steering: Joystick or Keyboard for Gearchange. Commodore 64, Amstrad CPC, Spectrum: Use Joystick or Keys. 16-BIT VERSIONS STEERING: The Panel has a small indicator in the centre to show steering position. Mouse: Steer Left/Right Left Fire Button - Accelerate Right Fire Button - Decelerate Both Buttons - Brake Joystick: Push Left/Right to steer Forward - Accelerate Back - Decelerate Fire - Brake GEARS: The panel has a current gear indicator on the far right. You can also select automatic transmission. Joystick: Diagonal Up + Left - 1st gear Diagonal Up + Right - 2nd gear Diagonal Back + Left - 3rd gear Diagonal Back + Right - 4th gear Fire - Clutch Keyboard: Key 1 - 1st Gear Key 2 - 2nd Gear Key 3 - 3rd Gear Key 4 - 4th Gear Space - Clutch (Hold Down) 8-BIT VERSIONS Joystick: Forward - Accelerate Back - Brake Left - Steer Left Right - Steer Right Fire & Forward - Shift Gear Up Fire & Back - Shift Gear Down Keys: Q - Accelerate A - Brake O - Left P - Right W - Shift Gear Up S - Shift Gear Down LOADING INSTRUCTIONS DISK Amiga and Atari ST: Insert Disk and switch on machine. IBM PC: Boot with MS-DOS, at A> prompt insert game disk and type HARD. Commodore 64 Disk: Type LOAD "*",8,1. Amstrad CPC Disk: Type RUN"DISC". Spectrum +3 Disk: Use LOADER Option. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS CASSETTE Commodore 64 Cassette: Hold down the SHIFT key and press RUN/STOP. Amstrad Cassette: Hold down the CTRL key and press ENTER. If you have a disk drive attached type | TAPE first (| is obtained by pressing Shift and @ key together). Spectrum 48K: Type LOAD"" and press ENTER. Spectrum 128K: Use LOADER Option.

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