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Hawk Storm
Players Premier Collectors Edition 8 - Hawk Storm

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THE STORY You are Hawk Storm, brave and intrepid warrior of the planet Edos. The sole source of Life Energy on Edos are the giant capacitoid crystals that store energy by day, and regenerate it during the bitterly cold nights. Now the evil Neviks have stolen all but two of these crystals. The incremental power generated by the crystals is exponential. The power generated by the remaining two is insufficient to sustain normal life. Consequently the remaining Edosians have entered a Life Suspension Program, in the hope that you can retrieve the stolen crystals before the dwindling power of the remaining crystals is insufficient to fuel the Life Suspension Program, and the last civilised life for on Edos perishes for good. You have been teleported from the cocoon-like safety of Edos, to the barren wastelands inhabited by the Neviks, which you must diligently search, in your quest to find the thirty two stolen crystals, and save your civilisation from extinction. CONTROLS To control Hawk you may use a joystick, or you may use the keyboard. JOYSTICK CONTROLS JUMP MOVE | MOVE LEFT - - RIGHT | USE STRYDER OR BOMBS/TELEPORT Press the FIRE button to fire your gun (if you have one!!) KEYBOARD CONTROLS KEY ACTION Q JUMP O MOVE LEFT P MOVE RIGHT A USE STRYDER OR BOMBS /TELEPORT Press the SPACE button to fire your gun (if you have one!!) To start the game press either FIRE on your joystick, or SPACE on the keyboard, dependent on the mode of control you desire to use. To pause the game while you are playing press 'H'. To unpause the game press FIRE or SPACE dependent on the mode of control. THE GAME The long range teleport will only transmit living organisms, so your primary objective must be to find and collect some armoury, either guns and/or stryders, bombs, and shields. The Neviks are expecting you and have set many traps to bar your way. Watch out for crumbling platforms, and beware of fire pits. Don't get hit by the Neviks' deadly slimeballs. Avoid the Neviks' gun turrets. You must enter into deadly combat with the evil Nevik warriors that will bar your path in their tireless quest to make you fail in your mission. You can utilise the lifts that you will find to move to different levels; the teleports will transport you to different locations. CREDITS Game Design & Code: Paul Griffiths Original Concept: Andy Severn & Jabba Sound FX and Music: Andy Severn & Sonic Graffiti Cover Illustration: Tim White Lettering: Peter Austin © Players Software 1990 The programs and data on this cassette are copyright and may not be reproduced in part or in total by any means without the prior written permission of Players Software. All rights reserved. No responsibility is accepted for any errors. Our policy is one of constant improvement therefore we reserve the right to modify any producy without notice.

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