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Notepad+4 v1r4

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Manual n° 1

SHORT INFORMATION ABOUT NOTEPAD+4 CPC EDITION This program is an attempt to make a simple plain text editor which may use the same commands as the build-in full-screen Basic (3.5, 4.0+, 7.0) editor for Commodore CBM II, 16, 116, +4, 128. The other aim is to work with a text file with any line length. The length of the current line is more than 600 characters. It is not intended to work with the control ASCII symbols of AMSDOS. It may work with up to 600 lines of text. This number may be increased. The end of a paragraph is marked as the end of the document. This editor supports standard Commodore Esc-sequences - they should start with TAB key: A/C - toggles insert/overwrite mode, default is insert mode; D/I - deletes/inserts a line; J/K - moves cursor to the start/end of current line; P/Q - erases text from cursor to the start/end of current line; V/W - scrolls up/down; X - cancels Esc-sequence as well as any other key. There are also several commands specific to Notepad+4. They are associated with CONTROL key: B/E - moves cursor to the start/end of the document; C - shows disk catalog and gives possibility to choose a file to load; D/U - page down/up; F - seeks forward for a string. The search is case insensitive. It is a bit slow; H - shows command summary; L/S - saves/loads a file; Q - quit; R - repeats the search; O - cursor home, places cursor to upper left corner of display; V - changes disk drive (to A: or B:). Enter key splits the current line. Copy key inserts the spaces. Use cursor, CLR and DEL keys as usual. Save your text often because it is possible that several bugs are still not catched. Please send bug reports, suggestions, etc to author's e-mail vol.litwr@gmail.com

Manual n° 2

(* This is a very simple but a very slow way to calculate Fibonacci number n, the average time of the calculation is proportional to phi^n, e.g. phi is close to 1.618, so for n=25 calculation (should give 75,025) time is proportional to phi^25 which is approximately equal to 167,761. The best PC can't make Fibonacci number 50 (12,586,269,025) without a big (several minutes) delay, so it will be faster to calculate it without any computer! Because it will require only 48 manual additions. *) function fibonacci(n: byte): longint; begin if n < 3 then fibonacci := 1 else fibonacci := fibonacci(n - 1) + fibonacci(n - 1) end; begin writeln(fibonacci(25)) end.

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