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TXT (1)

NOTICE TEXTE n° 1 (5.3 Ko)

org &8000 bits: db %10001000 db %01000100 db %00100010 db %00010001 ;write direct ;run start start: datmar EQU &53 data EQU &5000 sinf EQU &51 ;$5F00 ld a,1 call #bc0e di LD BC,&7F03;pen number (and Gate Array function) OUT (C),c ;Send pen number ld a,&5B;42;Pen colour (and Gate Array function) OUT (C),a LD BC,&7F01 OUT (C),c ld a,&53 OUT (C),a LD BC,&7F02 OUT (C),c ld a,&46 OUT (C),a ;ld bc,&7f10;select border ;out (c),c ; ;ld bc,&7f54;set border colour to black ;out (c),c ;--------------prepare lookup ld hl,&4000;clear memory push hl clm: ld (hl),0 inc hl bit 7,h jr nz,clm ;&4000,&4100 - Y, adresses pop hl;ld hl,&4000 ld de,&C000 ld b,200 lut1: ld (hl),e inc h ld (hl),d dec h ex de,hl call nline ex de,hl inc l djnz lut1 ;X (0,0,0,0)...(1,1,1,1) ld hl,&4200;inc h? ld e,l ld d,l;ld de,0 ld c,80 lut3; push bc;? ld b,4 lut4; ld (hl),e inc hl ld (hl),d inc hl djnz lut4 inc de pop bc dec c jr nz,lut3 ;--------------------------------- here is Trefi code sin LD HL,sinf*256+256;#e600 LD DE,sinf*256+64;#e540 EXX LD BC,15 LD L,B LD H,B LD E,B LD D,B sinmklp ADD HL,DE LD A,H SUB 120 EX DE,HL JR NC,sinmk0 ADD HL,BC JR sinmk1 sinmk0 SBC HL,BC sinmk1 EX DE,HL EXX LD (DE),A INC E LD (HL),A INC L EXX JR NZ,sinmklp ;------------------------------init brunch---------- begin LD HL,begdata LD DE,data LD BC,8 LDIR LD HL,data+8 INC E LD (HL),C LD C,248 LDIR LD HL,datmar*256 LD A,8 b1 LD (HL),A INC L ADD A,8 JR NZ,b1 LD H,A; H=0 LD (marker),HL loop CALL cls CALL risui JP loop ;begdata DB #ff,1,1,#47,#00,#80,#00,#60 begdata DB #ff,1,1,#47,#00,#A0,#00,#64;ff=A0 ; old format is: ;+0 length of branch ;+1 ? ;+2 delta angle ;+3 angle to turn ;+4 low X ;+5 high X ;+6 low Y ;+7 high Y risui LD IX,data LD IY, &5F00 CALL risu1 LD D,(IY+0) LD E,(IX+5) LD L,(IX+7) INC DE;E CALL plot ;E=X,L=Y INC DE;E CALL plot;E=X,L=Y rri2 LD A,IXL;LX ADD A,8 ld iyl,a;LD LY,A pasmo LD IXL,A;LX,A RET Z LD A,(IX) OR A CALL NZ,risu JR rri2 cls LD HL,#4000 LD BC,#8001 LD DE,13 ADD HL,BC ;l11 LD A,%11110000 l11 LD A,%11101101 JR NC,l0 RRCA LD (l11+1),A l0 LD C,A LD A,L CP E JR C,cl0 LD L,D cl0 LD (cls+1),HL ld a,h or &C0 ld h,a cl1 LD A,(HL) AND C LD (HL),A ADD HL,DE ; LD A,H ; CP B JP NC,cl1 RET risu DEC (IX) JR NZ,risu1 LD HL,marker LD E,(HL) INC (HL) LD D,datmar LD A,IXL;LX LD (DE),A risu1 DEC (IX+1) JR NZ,ri0 CALL rnd AND 15 ADD A,5 LD (IX+1),A CALL rnd AND 7 RRA JR NC,ri00 NEG ri00 LD (IX+2),A ri0 LD A,(IX+3) ADD A,(IX+2) LD E,A LD (IX+3),A LD D,sinf LD H,(IX+5);high X LD L,(IX+4);low X LD A,(DE) LD C,A RLA SBC A,A LD B,A ;ld b,0 ld a,(iy+0) or a ADD HL,BC adc a,b ld (iy+0),a call check_hl ld a,(iy+0) or a ADD HL,BC adc a,b ld (iy+0),a call check_hl LD (IX+5),H LD (IX+4),L INC D LD A,(DE) LD E,H LD H,(IX+7) LD L,(IX+6) LD C,A RLA SBC A,A LD B,A ADD HL,BC ADD HL,BC LD (IX+6),L LD A,H CP 192+7 JR C,ri2 RRA SBC A,A AND 191+8 ri2 LD L,A LD (IX+7),A ld d,(iy+0) LD E,(IX+5) CALL plot CALL rnd CP 40 RET NC newotr LD HL,marker LD A,(HL) INC HL CP (HL) RET Z LD BC,8 LD A,(HL) INC (HL) LD H,datmar LD L,A LD E,(HL) LD (HL),B LD D,data/256 new2 PUSH IX POP HL LD A,E LDIR LD E,A CALL rnd AND 3 ADD A,5 LD (DE),A INC E LD A,1 LD (DE),A RET marker DW 0 xx DW #A000 yy DW #6400 rnd r1 LD A,200 PUSH DE LD D,A r2 LD A,71 LD (r1+1),A ADD A,D LD D,A r3 LD A,153 LD (r2+1),A ADD A,D RLCA LD (r3+1),A POP DE RET nline: ld a,8 add a,h ld h,a and 64 ret nz push bc ld bc,16304 sbc hl,bc pop bc ret plot: ;E=X,L=Y push hl push de push bc ld h,&40 ld c,(hl) inc h ld b,(hl) inc h ld l,0 add hl,de add hl,de ld a,(hl) inc hl ld h,(hl) ld l,a add hl,bc;hl=Address ld d,bits/256 ld a,e and 3 ld e,a ld a,(de) or (hl) ld (hl),a pop bc pop de pop hl ret check_hl ld a,(iy+0) or a jp p,plus ld (iy+0),1 ld h,&3F ret plus push hl push bc ld l,h ld h,(iy+0) ld bc,&140 or a sbc hl,bc pop bc pop hl ret c;?<320 ld h,1 ld (iy+0),0 ret

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