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- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - Megachur presents - - Amstrad CPC Musics Ultimate Compilation - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - The musics are copyright of their respective owners. Thanks to all the authors for their fabulous work !!! - Z80 Code by Megachur (Menu, FDC driver, PSG analyser) - Testing and no design by Megachur - Extraction of the musics by Megachur from october 2006 to july 2009 I have used these tools during the developpement : -------------------------------------------------- - WinAPE (for debugger, extracting musics and compiling Z80 code) - PSPad (for writing Z80 code) - ManageDSK (to write file on DSK) -> Thanks Demoniak, I hope to see a new version with new features soon ! - please, contact me at the email ycourtois(at)hotmail.com, if you want that I add any information missing (author, etc.), adding new feature or any new music ! Amstrad fanatic, I hope you will enjoy this work and you will appreciate to listen to these fantastic musics !!! I have not extracted all the amstrad cpc music : - some musics have been extracted but their code aren't clean (work in progress) - some musics haven't been extracted yet because I don't know them So feel free to contribute to this project !!! Note : all the sources will be soon available in Project Hosting on Google Code (I hope to have the time to do it soon) : http://code.google.com/p/amstradz80code/ Please, check this, and if you're interested, help me to clean some new musics ! Note : ------ This program don't work with some emulation program. For example, for Winape 2.0a17, you must disable "Fast Disk Emulation" option. This compilation use more than 64 ko because of the memory management (banks) to be compatible with all the musics. It have not be tested on an amstrad CPC+. If you want to send me one to test purpose ;-) (a 6128+ is prefered), send me an email -> thanks ! - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - To run this player, run"CPCMIX" on the last disk !!! - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - a) How to make your own compilation of musics or how to add a new music file ? - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - The file include the player and the datas. Their aren't packed so you can make your own compilation. Use a tool like ManageDSK, create a DSK file and add file with no AMSDOS header. Run the main program of Amstrad CPC Musics Ultimate Compilation then insert the disk -> press the keys (see below) and listen ! Enjoy this nice feature ;-) If you have a new music and want to add it to the collection : - contact me first(ycourtois(at)hotmail.com) to inform me (I love to listen to a new amstrad cpc music ;-)) - you must include the header and the footer i made and define some addresses (init_music, play_music, stop_music, music_end) then compile it and write the binary with no AMSDOS header and it should works - the music length must not be superior to &7c00 (memory limitation) or it will not work with this code - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - b) how to run the main program of Amstrad CPC Musics Ultimate Compiltation : - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - insert the disk with "LOADER. ", "PLAY .BIN" and "PLAYER .BIN" files and type RUN"LOADER then press return key ! Then, the loader load PLAY and PLAYER file and you can see the start screen. - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - c) the different keys available are : - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - at the first menu press key : - return load directory of disk, load and play next music - cursor up : go to previous directory entry - cursor down : go to next directory entry if it's the last entry then go to first entry of the directory - a : select drive A - b : select drive B - space load and play the music when loading file on the disk if the sentence "Please, insert disk in drive" appears press "a" to set disk drive A press "b" to set disk drive B press escape to stop loading this file and go to first menu press any key other key to restard loading if you insert another disk, after 5 retries, it will load the directory of the new disk. during the playing of the music press key : - escape : stop playing of the current music and go to first menu - "f" : en/disable a duration of only three minutes of the theme of the music also, if no activity of PSG for awhile : call to the next theme of the music (some musics have no end detection or end detection is not usable with this player) - "p" : activate display of PSG registers disable the display of spectrum analyzer - "r" en/disable music loop - "s" : activate the display of spectrum analyzer disable display of PSG registers - "space" : load and play next music - cursor left : play the previous theme of the current music - cursor right : play the next theme of the current music if it is the last theme of the current music and if the music loop is disable then load and play next music (same as press "space") else play first theme of the current music - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - The Story of this artwork - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Firstly, I started this compilation just before the birth of my daughter !!! This work is specialy dedicated to my family, my wife, my son and my daughter ! I've extracted some music player and I was thinking that I can make a sort of universal player to play them all. Finaly, after more than 600 music code extracted, I created a program that can load and play all this different musics code. I hope all of you will appreciate to listen to this oldies ! - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - My Personnal Greetings flies to : - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - iX ; author of the nice amstrad revival site http://www.amstradtoday.com/ for his great works about Amstrad CPC Tunning and the nice design ! Grimmy of Grimware factory : I hope to see one of your fantastic production soon SuperSly : Flash...ouille Inside !!! NoRecess : Your last demo was beautiful with nice effects. Demoniak : I hope to see more improvement of your nice tools Hermol of http://cpcrulez.fr : you're a happy hacker, stay like that ! http://www.phenixinformatique.com team : one of the best site full of amstrad passion !!! Devilmarkus : I hope to see more improvement in JavaCPC Emulator and your next game !!! If you add a correct debugger and an editor of Z80 code, I think I will switch from WinAPE to your emulator !!! Longshot : I do not know if you will release a new demo for the amstrad soon, but I hope it will be soon because I'm sure it will good for my brain !!! Mic : CPC Cracking history rulez !!! Beb : I think I need a new gfx artist -> see this pathetic release in black and white !!! ;-) Eliot : code or not code, that is the question -> Meeeeeeeeeeeting rulez ! Hicks : Ball, ball, more balls ! Will you code anything else on amstrad cpc soon ?! Richard Wilson : Nice Winape emulator, I hope to see more improvement of the code editor in the next release ! All others Amstrad fans !!! And especialy, people who code something new on amstrad today !!! Good Luck for releasing your work soon ! ;-)

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