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Reset 18 - Bgraster

Last Update : Wednesday 19 November 2014 at 17 h 04

Manual n° 1

org #8100 colors db #54;0-black db #55;1-blue db #4C;2-red db #4D;3-sirenew db #52;4-green db #53;5-ultramarine db #4A;6-yellow db #4B;7-white ;write direct ;run start start: di ;------------gensin------------------------ ld bc,#8000 ld h,c;ld hl,0 ld l,h ;ld de,0 ld e,l ld d,h sinlp1: add hl,de ld a,h ld (bc),a ld a,e add a,12+2+1 ld e,a jr nc,noincd inc d noincd: inc c ld a,c cp #41 jr nz,sinlp1 ;--------------------1st ld e,#40 ld d,b sinlp2: ld a,(de) ld l,a ld a,#79*2 sub l ld (bc),a inc c dec e jr nz,sinlp2 ; ld c,a;bc=$8081,de=$8000 ld e,d;$8080 sinlp3: ld a,(de) ; neg ld (bc),a dec e inc c jr nz,sinlp3 ;------------------------------------------ loop: ; set 0,(hl);$CB $C6 ; set 1,(hl);$CB $CE ; set 2,(hl);$CB $D6 ld b,#f5 l7003 in a,(c) rra jr nc,l7003 bp:ld hl,#8050 inc l ld (bp+1),hl ld l,(hl) ld a,#C6 call fill rp:ld hl,#8020 inc l inc l ld (rp+1),hl ld l,(hl) ld a,#CE call fill gp:ld hl,#8010 dec l dec l ld (gp+1),hl ld l,(hl) ld a,#D6 call fill ld h,d ld e,l ld bc,120+127 ldir rasterbuf equ #1000 ld bc,310 ld hl,rasterbuf ld d,colors/256 raster_out push bc;4 ld bc,#7f10;3 ld e,(hl);2 ld a,(de);2 out (c),c;4 out (c),a;4 ld bc,#7f00;3 ld (hl),c;2 out (c),c;4 out (c),a;4 ;in a,(c) ;in a,(c) inc hl;2 pop bc;3 dec bc;;2 ld a,b;1 or c;1 jr nz,raster_out;;3 ;4+3+2+2+4+4+3+2+4+4+2+3+2+3+1+1=44 jp loop fill: ld h,#10 ld (opcode+1),a ld b,16*4 opcode: set 0,(hl) inc hl djnz opcode ret

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