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_____________________________________________________ | _________________________________________________ | | | ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ | | | | | | / \ / \ | | / \ / \ | | | | | |\ | | | | |\ | | | | | | | | | | \ | | | | | \ | | | | | | | | | | \| \___/ |__ | \| \___/ \___/ _|_ | | | |_________________________________________________| | |_____________________________________________________| =============================================================================== By Mark Roberts LOADING Tape: Press CRTL and small ENTER This program runs on all Amstrad CPC Press PLAY on the cassette microcomputers. On the tape, Side B recorder is a repeat recording of Side A. The Press any key game can be played with keyboard or Disk: Type RUN "ICON joystick. The program will run automatically. _______________________________________________________________________________ WHO IS ICON JON? The vast majority of programs which reside inside your Amstrad are very docile and quite happy to go about the tasks for which the Great User has created them. But there is one rather recalcitrant program who has decided that he is not going to be summarily wiped out when the power goes off like the rest of the CPU residents. His name is Icon Jon... THE OBJECT OF THE GAME In order to escape certain death at power-down, Jon must find a way out of the computer. Although he is a fairly independent type, he will need some assistance in finding his way round Arnold's more remote recesses. This is where you come in. If Jon is to escape alive, you, The User, must interface directly with him, his friends Andy Capacitor and Charlie Chiplin, his surroundings, and the other characters he meets. This is achieved via the HCID (Human to Component Interface Device), developed by a team of mega-brains over a period of years. A quick introduction to using the HCID follows. HCID CONTROL After loading up the game, a number of windows will appear on screen, containing the instructions for starting up. Follow the ones which apply to you - ie whether or not you're using a joystick. HCID is represented on screen by a set of icons on the right of the screen. Most icons lead to a menu of options which will appear in a window in the centre of the screen, from which you make your choice by highlighting the option you require. The function of the icons is as follows: STATUS Gives you an indication of how far you have gone in the game in terms of percentage completed. It also provides clues to the temperament of the other characters in the game, together with music status CHAT - Allows you to communicate with the other characters in the game through a menu of topics available for discussion. TYPE - Lets you type at a terminal, again using a menu of options. MANIPULATE - Allows you to do things with an object in your possession. ACT - Brings in a menu which allows you to do certain things such as PICK UP, DROP, GIVE, EXAMINE, etc. MOVE - Transfers control from the HCID to the Image Enhancer at the left of the screen, which puts Jon under your direct control so that you can move him from one location to another. NOTEPAD - Brings up a page on which notes can be written for reference. HELP - Tells you where the other characters are presently located. STORE - Gives another menu from which you can choose to save your present position to tape or disk or do a RAM save to memory. Saved positions are also loaded via this icon. QUIT - Allows you to quit or continue. CONTROLS MOVING JON Standard joystick control movements apply. The default movement keys are given below, but most keys can be user-defined. Enter door/up Q Left O Right P Down A ACCESSING THE ICONS Press SPACE BAR or FIRE BUTTON to enter the HCID. An arrow will appear which you can move to the icon you wish to select using standard joystick movement or the movement keys given above. USING THE NOTEPAD Use cursor keys/joystick to move round the pad. Press RETURN to end. ENERGY Jon carries an emergency power supply in the form of a small energy capsule. The capsule will lose some of its charge every time an illegal access is attempted. If the capsule is drained completely, or time runs out and the computer is turned off, he is wiped out immediately. HINTS AND TIPS To escape the computer before power down, Jon will need to converse with other characters so that they become friendly and trusting enough to help. However, they may require some help from Jon first to remedy their own problems, for example, something to boost their strength. When talking to other characters, it may be useful to remember that Andy Capacitor is a component manufactured in the North and loves the great outdoors. Charlie Chiplin, on the other hand, is a rather well-educated component and has an instant dislike of anything 'common'. Components, just like you and me, can get very bored with people droning on and on about the same subject. So take care not to raise a subject more than once, in case their friendliness turns to dislike. Some of Charlie's and Andy's problems may require two or more items to be combined into one new item before they can be solved. There are three ROMs in use inside Icon Jon's computer, each of which is accessed by a different item. They are all accessed by the same door. _______________________________________________________________________________ ICON JON © Mirrorsoft Ltd, 1986. The computer program contained in Icon Jon and its associated documentation and materials are protected by National and International copyright law. Storage in a retrieval system, reproduction, translation, copying, hiring, lending, broadcasting, and public performance are prohibited without the express written permission of Mirrorsoft Lld. All rights of author and owner are reserved worldwide. ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ ___ DON'T FORGET THESE OTHER MIRRORSOFT AMSTRAD PRODUCTS, TOO Fill in this portion of the inlay and send it to the FREEPOST address given to place your order. Please allow 28 days for delivery, * indicates a special price which will operate while stocks last, ** indicates that a disk version is available at £5 over the tape price given. There is no charge for postage and packing. OFFER APPLIES IN THE UK ONLY _______________________________________________________________________________ GAMES CHILDREN'S SOFTWARE ____ Ashkeron!................£6.95 ____ Caesar's Travels ____ Boulder Dash.............£9.95** ____ First Steps with the.....£8.95** ____ Dynamite Dan.............£6.95* Mr Men ____ Sai Combat...............£8.95** ____ Here & There with the....£7.95** ____ Spitfire 40..............£9.95 Mr Men ____ Strike Force Harrier.....£9.95** ____ Free Mirrorsoft catalogue Name___________________________________________________________________________ Address________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ _______________________________________________________________________________ Send to: MIRRORSOFT LTD, FREEPOST BS4382, Paulton, Bristol BS18 5BR

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