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CPC+ Sprite Editor v1.0 [CPC+]
CPC+ Sprite Designer [CPC+]

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Ratz's CPC+ Sprite Designer v1.0 -------------------------------- (c) September 1998 Ratz of STS Featuring original and modified code by: Robin Nixon (slim character set) Longshot (B-ASIC RSXs) Files on this disk ------------------ ratz .bas - sprite designer ratz .cod - modified B-ASIC routines ratz1 .cod - miscellaneous routines readme .doc - this file ball .spr - demonstration sprite files lager .spr blue .pal - demonstration colour files red .pal green .pal purple .pal yellow .pal cyan .pal grey .pal ratz1 .pal ratz2 .pal ratz3 .pal b-asic13.bas - basic loader for B-ASIC (64k version) b-asic13.cod - driver code for B-ASIC (64k version) b-asic13.doc - B-ASIC instruction file (64k version) b-asic14.bas - basic loader for B-ASIC (128k version) b-asic14.cod - driver code for B-ASIC (128k version) b-asic14.doc - B-ASIC instruction file (128k version) If you copy this disk, please copy *all* files. Serious legal-type bit ---------------------- This software is PD, but the authors retain full copyright. Although every effort has been made to debug and test this software, it is possible that errors exist. This is particularly so with the file "ratz.cod", a version of B-ASIC which has been modified for use with the sprite designer program ONLY. If you wish to use B-ASIC, full unaltered versions have been included for this purpose. No responsibility can be accepted for loss of data whilst using this software. Use of this software indicates acceptance of these terms. Ratz of STS, 16.8.98 s.j.matthews@mds.qmw.ac.uk waylander_@hotmail.com Introduction ------------ Ratz's CPC+ Sprite Designer allows you to design and manipulate hardware sprites for the Amstrad 464+ and 6128+ computers. These can then be used either in your own machine code programs or from basic by the use of a program such as Logon Systeme's B-ASIC, which is included on the disc. Demonstration sprite and colour files have also been included on the disc. Instructions ------------ To run this program, type: run"ratz.bas" and press [return]. The program will then load and run. There will be a delay of a few seconds whilst the program initialises, then the main screen will be drawn. Screen layout : Top of screen - sprites and sprite pointer Middle, left - sprite design grid and cursor Middle - current sprite Middle, right - list of function keys Bottom - inks and ink pointer In total, there are 16 hardware sprites, and these are displayed along the top of the screen. The sprite you are currently editing is displayed in the center of the screen, and in the design grid. Cursor keys : Move cursor around grid. See the "dump" function below. [COPY] : Sets a pixel to the currently selected ink on the grid and on the sprite itself. [SHIFT] and : Moves ink pointer along inks at the bottom of the screen. cursor L/R Each ink's values for red/green/blue/hue/sat/lum are shown on screen. [CONTROL] and : Moves sprite pointer along sprites at the top of the screen. cursor L/R When a new sprite is selected, the old one is moved from the middle of the screen to the sprite bar. The new sprite is then moved to the middle of the screen. The design grid is UNCHANGED - see the "grab" function. [L] and [S] : These allow you to load and save a sprite file, respectively. The screen will clear, and a list of existing filenames will be displayed. You will then be requested for a filename of up to 8 letters. The file will then load/save. After this, or if any error occurs, the main screen will redraw. During file access, the inks may revert to their default values. Simply re-load the colour file and the inks will be restored. [O] and [P] : These allow you to load and save a colour file, respectively. Same procedure as for sprite files. [X] : Flip the current sprite horizontally. [Y] : Flip the current sprite vertically. [R] : Rotate the current sprite 90 degrees clockwise. [F] : Fills the current sprite with the currently selected ink. [G] : Grab. This transfers the data from the current sprite in the middle of the screen to the design grid on the left of the screen. If you have selected a new sprite by [CONTROL] and cursor left/right, you MUST select this function next if you want alter what that sprite looks like presently. See "dump" function below. [D] : Dump. This transfers the data from the design grid to the current sprite in the middle of the screen. This function will be selected automatically if you have selected a new sprite by [CONTROL] and cursor left/right and you select *any* other function apart from "grab". In summary, if at any time the design grid and current sprite are different - Pressing [G] will copy the current sprite to the design grid. Pressing [D] or altering the design grid in any way will copy the design grid to the current sprite. This allows you to easily create sprites which are similar, without having to re-draw each sprite. [f9] and [f6] : These change the X and Y magnifications of the current sprite in the middle of the screen. The values change from 1->2->4 and back again, and are displayed alongside the colour data. [f7] and [f8] : These keys decrease and increase the red, green and blue [f4] and [f5] levels of the currently selected ink. Values for hue, [f1] and [f2] saturation and luminance are also displayed in order to help create graduated colour schemes. Use of Sprite Data ------------------ Sprite data produced by this program can be utilised in 2 main ways: 1. In machine code programs which access the ASIC chip directly. 2. From basic, by use of the B-ASIC extension commands. For details of these, please read the B-ASIC instruction file on this disk. Revision History ---------------- v1.0 - Released as PD. 29.2.99 Converted to .dsk file for distribution on the web.

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