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Double Dragon

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************************ * THE STORY SO FAR ... * ************************ Double Dragon is the story of two twin brothers, Billy and Jimmy Lee, facing the odds together in a city where survival has to be learned the hard way. Their knowledge of the martial arts, combined with the experience of tough urban existence, has made them both formidable fighting machines, ready for any challenge that comes their way. But now the brothers are faced with their greatest challenge ever. Billy's girl Marian has been kidnapped by the Black Warriors, a savage and ruthless street gang led by the mysterious Shadow Boss. Using skills gained from a lifetime on the streets, and whatever weapons come to hand - including knives, whips, baseball bats, rocks, and even oil-drums - Billy and Jimmy must pursue the gang through the sprawling slums, factories and outskirts of the city, to reach the thugs' hideout for a final confrontation with the infamous Shadow Boss! ************ * THE CAST * ************ BILLY LEE: Height 5'10''. Weight 165 lbs. Billy began his Kung Fu training at the age of 12 and became a Kung Fu Sosaiken Master at 20. JIMMY LEE: Height 5'10''. Weiht 170 lbs. Billy's twin brother and also a master in the martial arts. LOPAR: Height 5'8''. Weight 175 lbs. Packs a nasty right and left punch, and gets a kick out of hurling oil-drums around. ABOBO: Height 6'3''. Weight 167 lbs. The Middle Boss, Abobo likes to slap people about. WILLIAMS: Height 5'8''. Weight 167 lbs. Has perfected a strong jump-kick, and is very handy with a knife or a baseball bat. LINDA: Height 5'4''. Weight 114 lbs. Watch out for her swift right and left punches. She also cracks a mean whip. CHINTAI: Height 5'6''. Weight 152 lbs. A Karate Master. Enough said... WILLY: Height 6'. Weight 205 lbs. The Big Boss, Willy is armed with a machine gun and, needless to say, won't hesitate to use it. **************** * YOUR WEAPONS * **************** As you fight your way through, some attackers will be carrying weapons - baseball bats, whips, etc. Defeat them and the weapon is yours to use! Just push fire to hit the way you're facing. *********************** * ATTACKING THE ENEMY * *********************** You have a vast range of fighting skills at your disposal. Individual attacking moves are detailed below: LEFT OR RIGHT PUNCH - press Fire to punch your opponent in the direction you are facing. KICK - move joystick to the right and press Fire to kick forwards. If you can get very close to your opponent, you can turn the kick into a HAIR GRAB KICK. HEAD-BUTT - move joystick down and press Fire to head-butt your opponent. WHIRLWIND KICK - move joystick in south-west direction and press Fire to turn and kick. ELBOW BACKWARD - move joystick to the left and press Fire to elbow an opponent. JUMP UP - move joystick up and press Fire. HAIR GRAB KICK - get close to your opponent and move joystick in south-east direction, press Fire. Wicked move! JUMP BACKWARD - move the joystick up and left and press Fire. JUMP FORWARD - move the joystick up and right and press Fire. ************ * CONTROLS * ************ Joystick only. Two players require two joysticks. Player one uses Port 2. Push 1 or 2 on the intro screen to select on or two players. ********************************************* * SUMMARY OF FIRE-PLUS-DIRECTIONAL CONTROLS * ********************************************* JUMP UP JUMP BACKWARD JUMP FORWARD ELBOW BACKWARD KICK WHIRLWIND KICK HAIR GRAB KICK HEAD BUTT GENERAL MOVEMENT: Without the fire button pressed, the joystick provides the eight standard directions of movement. ******************** * PLAYING THE GAME * ******************** Double Dragon uses every last bit of the CPC's memory and capabilities to bring to your screen as close an approach to the original as possible on the machine. The action takes place across all the scenes straight out of the Arcade machine in all their faithfully reproduced colorful glory! At the bottom of the screen are shown two sectional bar displays, with a number next to thwm. These are the 'lives left' information for the two players. As the bar runs down, a life ebbs away. Once all the lives are gone, you're history! In the center is displayed the time left to complete the level you're playing. If the count goes to zero, you lose a life. Tough huh? No loitering. Just as in the Arcade, you clear a level to progress deeper into Gang territory. A victory tune announces comletion and you move onto the next stage. If you succeed in winning through all five stages ...... a surprise awaits you. Hace a nice day! ******************************* * A NOTE FROM THE PROGRAMMERS * ******************************* Dear Games Player During our Herculean task of cramming as many as possible of the multitude of animation and graphic elements that make up the Arcade game into the CPC, we were faced with a problem. To get both one- and two player options, and to achieve the autentic feel of two- player simultaneous action, simply took more memory than we had available. But we knew how dissapointed you would be if the game didn't have the same two-player mode a the Arcade game you know and love. So we came up with a memory-saving solution. We implemented sprite stacking techniques to create the animated characters (using two smaller sprites instead of one larger one to create each figure). The resulting small gap you may notice in the characters at waist level, is the compromise that the architecture of the CPC forced us to make. This should not impair your enjoyment of the game in any way. The Programmers *********

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