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Gifcon Version 3

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GIFCON version 3 SIOU This program allows to view GIF files on your favorite CPC computer. You can also save the screen in .scr format compatible with CPC memory and modes once the GIF file has been viewed. The program needs the CPC full memory capacity and runs only on CPC 6128, as it requires 128 Ko. Loading and running the program will erase any data up to &A000 in central memory and all the 2nd bank. ________________________________ This program is SHAREWARE ! It has been given kindly by me or a friend, but remember I spent time to implement GIF decoding. It is not as easy as you could believe ! If you use this software, send me something to encourage my work ! I will be happy with 20 FF. It should pay the mail, disks... ________________________________ - Here follows the main features of the version 3: * Illimited GIF source file size. The only limitation is your disk capacity and the associated driver. Typically 187 Ko for a 3' drive and 253 Ko for a 3'1/2 drive (AMSDOS). Big files from DOS disks may even be truncated to fit your drive capability. * 80 Ko free memory for the conversion process * 2 color conversion processes available ________________________________ - Improvement from the last version: * Interlace line decoding. This particular format implies some limitation on CPC 6128. While the original horizontal size from the GIF file is unlimited, the version 3 only displays files with a maximum of 1600 lines. This limitation is valid for screen small displays only. * Information display on the original GIF file. * Choice on image size display if the original size is bigger than the screen capabilities. You can choose to view the full image (compressed) or different sizes up to the original GIF maximum size. * Special effet for Interlaced GIF images. ________________________________ You can access any time to the main menu by pressing <space>. If a file was in process, the program will automatically stop it. - Menu option description: A: Select drive A for operation (load or save) B: Select drive B for operation. Caution may be observed using this option. This option assumes you have a 'modern' 3'1/2 or 5'1/4 PC drive connected. Therefore selecting B: will change disk parameters to allow fast disk operations. Test if your drive does meet the B: conditions. If not, there will be a read fail. If you are in this case (unlucky guy !), ask me. You can anyway use the program but: - You do not use drive b: - or you must switch your drive selector to A: (If you don't have it, it is time for you to upgrade your CPC configuration...) C: Catalogue. Is it necessary to describ this option ? S: Save the displayed image in .SCR and .PAL format (conpatible with IFFCON and HIPER). The name will be the same as the original GIF file. Once the image is displayed completely, just press 'S'. Do not press any other key: a message could be displayed OVER the image. V: Load, decod and view a GIF file on selected disk. Input the file name WITHOUT the .GIF extension. The color conversion uses the 1st method converting the maximum of the GIF original colors into the palette. Once the palette has been converted, some information is displayed. You must choose the size of the image to put on screen. The different available sizes are in CPC screen format for mode 0. If you get more than 160 x 200, then it means the program will display the upper left part of the GIF picture only. The choice is made by pressing one of the figures corresponding to the size chosen. Pressing the <space> bar will automatically select option '1'. The border becomes blue when the conversion is over. If you get another color, a problem occured and the conversion is aborted. W: As V but uses the 2nd method for color conversion. Some colors are always put into the palette before filling it with the GIF converted colors. N: Netscape effect !!!! Do not be afraid... I have not implemented Netscape... not yet... This option has a visible action on interlace line formats only. It permits to view the picture in an increasing resolution. This option is a flip-flop. ?: Help. This option is not active. It will clear the screen and display the main menu. Q: Quit... You may resume by typing 'call &2000' but you MUST put the original disk in the current drive. _________________________ GIFCON version 3 has a known bug ! Yes, it is true, I have seen it on one particular file (only one from about 50 GIF files tested). This bug may appear when you want to view a file which caracteristics are: GIF with interlaced lines More than 200 lines in original size Display with compression (small size choice number) It is not really a problem to fix the bug, BUT I do not have this kind of image. Actually, it is very rare to encounter such a file with a size compatible with AMSDOS disks. If you get this bug, send me the original source GIF file on a 720Ko DOS disk, I will send you GIFCON 4 which contains many more options described below. _________________________ ................................... . . . - GIFCON version 4 will feature:. . . . * Choice of screen position . . * Dithering effects . . * Display choices in all modes . . * Convivial interactive menu . . * Monochrome option . . * Rapid print included . . * Surprises... . . . ................................... _________________________ Note: - Please report any bug to SIOU: CNX SIOU MASSICOT LAURENT 23 RUE BOUQUIERES 31000 TOULOUSE (FRANCE) _________________________

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