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Manual n° 1

nolist org &2000 start: ld a,1:call &bc0e call getfonts call blackout call cls ld de,palbw:ld a,4:call changepal call gensine0 call testsine again: call vsyncsafe:call scrollcopy:ld e,0:call writefont call vsyncsafe:call scrollcopy:ld e,8:call writefont ld a,(scrpointer):inc a:ld (scrpointer),a jr again stp: jr stp testsine: ld hl,&c000 ld de,sine0 exx:ld d,25:exx epi25: ld bc,2048 exx:ld e,8:exx epi8: push hl:push bc ld a,(de):inc e srl a:srl a:ld c,a:ld b,0:add hl,bc ld (hl),a pop bc:pop hl:add hl,bc exx:dec e:exx jr nz,epi8 ld bc,-16384+80:add hl,bc exx:dec d:exx jr nz,epi25 ret gensine0: exx:ld de,sine0:exx ld hl,127*256:ld de,-4*256 epi256: add hl,de:ex de,hl:add hl,bc:ex de,hl ld a,h push af cp 127 jr nc,nodown ld bc,32 ld a,(change):or a jr nz,nochang1 ld de,-4*256 nochang1: ld a,1:ld (change),a jr noup nodown: ld bc,-32 ld a,(change):dec a jr nz,nochang2 ld de,4*256 nochang2: ld a,0:ld (change),a noup: pop af exx:ld (de),a:inc e:exx jr nz,epi256 ret change: db 0 cls: ld hl,&C000:ld de,&C001:ld bc,16383:ld (hl),0:ldir ret scrollcopy: ld hl,&C000+1601:ld (am1+1),hl:dec l:ld (am2+1),hl exx:ld d,8:ld b,d:exx times8: am1: ld hl,&C000+1601 am2: ld de,&C000+1600:ld bc,79:ldir exx:ld a,(am1+2):add b:ld (am1+2),a:ld (am2+2),a:dec d:exx jr nz,times8 ret writefont: ld a,(scrpointer) ld h,&22:ld l,a ld a,(hl):sub 32:ld b,a srl a:srl a:srl a:srl a:add &24:ld d,a ld a,b:add a:add a:add a:add a:add e:ld e,a ld bc,2048 ld hl,&C000+1600+79 exx:ld d,8:exx loop8: ld a,(de):inc de ld (hl),a:add hl,bc exx:dec d:exx jr nz,loop8 ret scrpointer: db 0 ; ===== Data ===== palbw: db 0,26,13,3 ; === Demo Subs === getfonts: ld a,32 printfonts: call 47962 push af pop af inc a cp 127 jr nz, printfonts di:call disableints ld hl,&C000 ld de,fonts exx:ld d,0:exx epi95: ld bc,2048 exx:ld e,8:exx fepi8: ld a,(hl):add hl,bc ld (de),a:inc de exx:dec e:exx jp nz,fepi8 ld bc,-16384+65536+1:add hl,bc exx:dec d:exx jr nz,epi95 ret ; ==== General Subs ==== delay: call vsyncsafe dec d jr nz,delay ret ; ---- Putting all colors to black ---- blackout: ld bc,&7f00 nextblackout: out (c),c:ld a,&54:out (c),a:inc c ld a,c:cp 17 jr nz,nextblackout ret vsyncsafe: push af:push bc ld b,&f5 vsync1: in a,(c) rra jp nc,vsync1 vsync2: in a,(c) rra jp c,vsync2 pop bc:pop af ret disableints: di:LD HL,&C9FB:LD(&38),HL ret ; Pallete changing subroutine ; --------------------------- ; DE = Paltable ; A = number of colors used changepal: ld (noc+1),a ld bc,&7f00 palloop: push de:push bc out (c),c ld a,(de):ld d,0:ld e,a ld hl,palcodes:add hl,de ld c,(hl):out (c),c pop bc:pop de inc bc:inc de ld a,c noc: cp 16 jr nz,palloop ret ;Hardware colour pallete precs ; --------------------------- palcodes: db &54,&44,&55,&5c db &58,&5d,&4c,&45 db &4d,&56,&46,&57 db &5e,&40,&5f,&4e db &47,&4f,&52,&42 db &53,&5a,&59,&5b db &4a,&43,&4b list: tend: nolist org &2200 scrtext: db " Optimus shamelessly presents his first 1kb intro for the CPC." db "I know this might suck, but I just wanted to support the Forever CPC compos " db "and there is neither time nor ideas (and size :) left." db "1kb coding seems interesting for the CPC! " list zzee: nolist org &2400 fonts: org &3000 sine0:

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