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- ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - Megachur presents - - Mega-Mad-Mix Demo CPC Version - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - The musics are copyright of their respective owners. Thanks to all the authors for their fabulous work !!! - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - Atari ST - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Musics : Jochen Hippel (Mad Max), Anders Nilsson (An Cool of The Carebears), Lap Original TFMX COSO AY Player : Jochen Hippel & Chris Hulsbeck Mega-Mad-Mix Demo Coded By Mcoder (Universal TFMX COSO Player) - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - Amstrad CPC - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - code (Menu, FDC driver, PSG analyser) & conversion by Megachur from december 2007 to july 2009 The digidrums are not exactly accurate because I don't know how hardware timers works on Atari ST. So, the same frequency for digits are used for all musics. I have used these tools during the developpement : -------------------------------------------------- - WinAPE (for debugger, extracting musics and compiling Z80 code) - PSPad (for writing Z80 code) - ManageDSK (to write file on DSK) -> Thanks Demoniak, I hope to see a new version with new features soon ! Amstrad fanatic, I hope you will enjoy this work and you will appreciate to listen to these fantastic musics !!! Note : all the sources will be soon available in Project Hosting on Google Code (I hope to have the time to do it soon) : http://code.google.com/p/amstradz80code/ Note : ------ This program don't work with some emulation program. For example, for Winape 2.0a17, you must disable "Fast Disk Emulation" option. - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - a) the different keys available are : - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - at the first menu press key : - cursor up : go to previous entry - cursor down : go to next entry if it's the last entry then go to first entry of the list - space load and play the music when loading file on the disk if the sentence "Please, insert disk in drive" appears press "a" to set disk drive A press "b" to set disk drive B press escape to stop loading this file and go to first menu press any key other key to restard loading if you insert another disk, after 5 retries, it will load the directory of the new disk. during the playing of the music press key : - escape : stop playing of the current music and go to first menu - "p" : activate display of PSG registers disable the display of spectrum analyzer - "s" : activate the display of spectrum analyzer disable display of PSG registers - "space" : load and play next music - cursor left : play the previous theme of the current music - cursor right : play the next theme of the current music Nota : during music playing, if it's a music using digit sample, the playtime and the spectrum analyser are disable. The musics are crunched to take less space. The disk directory use some extend to store all the filenames and block information. - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - - The Story of this artwork - - ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- - Firstly, I've converted the Atari ST 68000 source Player of the Stormlord Game during october 2007. I was thinking that I can play others musics (TFMX format from Jochen Hippel) with this first music player. -Wrong- : I found that most of the music datas are different format I found, others TFMX formats (COSO compacted TFMX, MMME, etc.) from Jochen Hippel. I've converted two others 68000 music player (Astaroth & Wings Of Death) Then I found a demo -> Mad-Mix-Demo <- by MCoder with more than 100 musics already converted to the same format and with one unified TFMX COSO music player... I've converted this player and extracted all music data during december 2007... During the year of 2008, I found source of this demo freely distribued by MCoder on an Atari ST Forum. I wrote a Z80 program to control FDC (to load all the data without amsdos) but this first version works only on emulator (WinApe) and not on a real Amstrad - argh! - I was very busy at work, and this project (and the others) don't advance very well during the year 2008. In the begining of 2009, as I've got less work and a little more time to code, I recode the FDC program (read & write) and rework the main menu. Then I added this intro and make the packaging of all this good musics (There is more musics than in the Mad-Mix Original ST Demo because I found some new ones that work with this music player). I hope you will enjoy this work and the good music from Jochen Hippel (Mad Max), Anders Nilsson (An Cool of The Carebears) & Lap

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