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Karl's Treasure Hunt
Das Geheimnis

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KARLS TREASURE HUNT Our hero Karl has fallen on hard times so when he learns that his entry has won 1st prize in a quiz competition he is naturally delighted. His prize is a weekend stay at 'Wonga Mansion' and hidden somewhere in the mansions 40 rooms is a treasure chest. Karl has to collect the 40 keys to unlock the chest. Can Karls luck be changing for the better. 1. Turn computer on 2. Place cassette in data recorder 3. Rewind cassette to beginning then press stop/eject key 4. Press CTRL and small Enter keys simultaneously. The computer will respond by displaying "Press PLAY then any key" 5. Press PLAY on your data recorder then press a key, your program will now load Start = Space bar Right = X Left = Z Jump = Shift _______________________________________________________________________________ KARLS TREASURE HUNT © Copyright 1984 by Software Supersavers Ltd. Unauthorised copying, lending, hiring, public broadcasting, transmission or distribution is prohibited without express permission of Software Supersavers Ltd. KARLS TREASURE HUNT may not be hired or offered for sale on any optional buy back basis without prior written consent of Software Supersavers Ltd. All rights of the Author are reserved worldwide.

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