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PC Sound File Player Octwaver v1.0

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Manual n° 1

Welcome !!! 13-02-1994 This is without any doubt one of the greatest,most amazing breakthroughs in the CPCs' history ! OCTWAVER is the revolutionary ultimate sound tool as it allows you to convert almost any 8-bit digitized sound file even from the most advanced computer systems.It opens up a stunning new world of sound to your favorite computer system,thus improving the quality of all your demos, games,application programs etc. to an unimaginable degree ! You may not yet believe what you are currently reading, but just give it a try and I'm sure YOU WON'T TRUST YOUR EARS ANY LONGER !!! You have received this program without having to pay for it - This was the TRY BEFORE YOU BUY concept of a SHAREWARE PRODUCT. Paying your share is a question of honesty.If you decide not to pay it,you are not only offending to applicable laws, but also doing harm to yourself, as you accelerate the death of the CPCs and stop OCT from improving a program which you need and like to use.Please send the share of just £3, DM 5,00; FF 20,00 to the above address (further donations are also welcome...).If you include an S.A.E. and a disc,you will receive the latest version of the OCTWAVER package. Please send International Reply Coupons if you don't have German stamps.Registered users will be given the source code and access to a sound sample library I'm setting up with YOUR contribution. If you don't have a DIGIBLASTER module for 8-bit sound output yet, you can get hold of one by simply including £15; DM 25,00; FF 100,00 or an equal amount in your currency to your registration. Please do not forget to state the type of CPC you are using. If you include a disc for IBM PC compatibles marked "OCTWAVER PC",you'll get some PC sound and file conversion tools and the OCTWAVER sound preprocessor which will ease the use of existing PC sounds. I N S T R U C T I O N S OCTWAVER will first prompt you to select the drive,then ask for a file name to load.This can be a sound file in any format,the loader will automatical- ly recognize both BINary and ASCII files and activate the correct routine. ASCII files (typically those which have been converted from IBM PC but have not been given a BINary header yet) will have to use part of the screen RAM as a buffer, so don't worry. If you try to load files which won't fit into the CPCs RAM (i.e. > 30-40kB approx.), you might cause the system to crash. Further checks and use of the second RAM bank haven't been included yet,but they will be part of the next version,just like an automatic recognition of further sound file data like sample rate etc., and the possibility of 4-bit double-track files ! If many people register, this will considerably speed up the development of the new version - if,to the contrary,you are cheating by using this program or its code and techniques without paying your share, you'll have to wait for new and improved versions till you get sick of it ! So it's up to you...You have probably noticed that there is a demonstration file called DEMOWAVE. It shows in a literally BASIC example how to use OCT- WAVER techniques in your own programs and sets forth the conditions of this use. Please do not try to play sound via DIGIBLASTER if you have something else connected to your printer port - some devices might not like this. You can order one from OCT (details above).The internal sound chip can only use samples reduced to 4 bits, so there's sometimes a considerable loss of qua- lity if you are playing files via the internal speaker. Nevertheless you'll be able to listen to a sound quality which is superior to all the tape port 1-bit samples which have been around in the past ten years ! These were no- thing but terrible noise, but now OCTWAVER is to change that all... As many samples contain control characters which might cause trouble under AMSDOS, it is advisable to use the preprocessor on MSDOS PC before converting them. As you know, it's free for registered users - see above for details. L E G A L A D V I C E and N O T I C E O F D I S C L A I M E R You are not allowed to copy this package but in its unaltered shape, i.e. 1 AMSDOS DATA disc side.I take no responsibility for anything,and if anything you do with this program ruins you for life or makes your dog bite you, or anything else, that's just tough. If you use this program or its techniques without registering, you are not only a dishonest chap, but also subject to criminal prosecution as well as civil liability. The share is so cheap that everybody can afford registration, so please really do so... HAVE FUN AND PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO PAY YOUR SHARE ... NOW !!!!!!!! 888888 888888 88888888 88 88 88 88 PLK 174 556 E 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 D-68161 Mannheim 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 88 Germany 888888 888888 88

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