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>-------!-------!---------!-----!-------!-------!-------!-------!----R ------------------ PROTEXT by Arnor ------------------ This is a special demonstration version of Arnor's word processor PROTEXT. Most facilities are fully operative, with the exception of the PRINT and SAVE commands. The maximum file size is also smaller than on the full version. INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE -------------------- PROTEXT uses two modes for entering commands: COMMAND MODE is used to load files, save and print (not demo version), and other commands. EDIT MODE is used for entering and manipulating text. The ESC key swaps between edit and command mode. COMMAND MODE ------------ Some of the most important command mode commands are listed below. In each case to use the command simply type the command name (or its abbreviation as given in brackets) and you will be prompted for the required information. LOAD (L) load a file SAVE (S) save a file (not demo version) CAT show files on disc PRINT (P) print out the text (not demo version) FIND (F) find a string of text REPLACE (R) replace a string of text FORMAT (FT) re-format entire document COUNT word count PS print text to screen A select drive A (if present) B select drive B (if present) Q return to BASIC PROG Program (plain ASCII mode) DOC Document mode HELP Help screen Additionally (disc users only), any AMSDOS command or can be used from command mode, for example ERA, REN, TAPE, DISC. >pa EDIT MODE --------- Many commands are used by holding down the CTRL key and pressing a letter or other key. The letters are chosen as far as possible to represent the name of the function being performed. Some of the most important commands are as follows: CTRL-A swap neighbouring characters CTRL-C centre line CTRL-E delete to end of line CTRL-F reformat paragraph CTRL-I insert line CTRL-J justification on/off CTRL-K clear block markers CTRL-M move block CTRL-W word wrap on/off CTRL-H help on/off SHIFT-COPY set block marker CTRL-COPY copy block SHIFT-DEL delete word CTRL-DEL delete block SHIFT-left/right move a word at a time cursor keys SHIFT-up/down scroll text up/down cursor keys CTRL-left/right start/end of line cursor keys CTRL-up/down page up/down cursor keys CTRL-< start/end para -> CTRL-[ start of text -] end of text CTRL-S show/hide spaces CTRL-T show/hide tabs & carriage returns CTRL-X then i,b,c etc. switch on/off éitalicsé, âboldâ, ãcondensedã etc. CTRL-R bring down ruler for editing > L---!-----!-------!-------R This allows you to change the layout partway through a document. The exclamation marks represent tab positions. The default ruler can be recalled with CTRL-D >-------!-------!-------!-------!-------!-------!-------!-------!----R A > at the start of a line prefixes commands which are executed during printing. For example: >sm 10 <- 10 spaces will cause the margin to be 10 spaces wide, whereas >sm 5 restores it to the default setting. Go to command mode and type PS to see this in action. >pa forces a page break, by the way. >pa ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ------------------------ PROTEXT Word Processor ------------------------ We are sure you will be impressed with the features of PROTEXT which are included in this free demonstration version, and in particular the speed and ease of use of the program. PROTEXT itself, available on ROM through this magazine or on ROM, disc or cassette from Arnor is a full feature word processor that is just as easy and enjoyable to use. There are several programs that can be added to Protext to build an even more powerful word processing system: PROSPELL - the spelling checker PROMERGE - the mail merge program PROTEXT FILER - datafile maintenance and file sorting PROTEXT OFFICE- invoice generator UTOPIA - utilities ROM Details from: ComSoft 10 Mcintosh Court Wellpark Glasgow G31 2HW (0141) 554 4735 PROTEXT is available for the following computers: Amstrad CPC464/664/6128 Amstrad PCW 8256/8512/9512 Amstrad PC and PPC IBM PC XT/AT and all compatibles Atari 520ST/1040ST/Mega ST Commodore Amiga (from November 1988)

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