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Dear Customer, Thank you for purchasing a quality CampurSoft product. Listed below is our full product range and price list. 1) ProPrint - Protext text enhancement program, multiple fonts etc. Allows users to design their own fonts with inbuilt font editor. For all Amstrad CPC disc machines. Disc - £15.99 ROM - £24.99 2) MicroDesign Plus - Page processing package, consisting of two discs and two manuals. Menu driven DTP system, high quality print output. For all Amstrad CPC disc machines with 128k. £29.99 3) The Maps Libraries For MicroDesign Plus: a) Maps Of The British Isles - Sixteen Hi-Res (256k strip format) maps of the coastline, motorways, cities etc of the UK. ROMDOS D20 format - £11.99 3" format (2 discs) - £12.99 b) World Maps - Fifteen Hi-Res maps of the Europe, America etc. ROMDOS or 3" format - £11.99 4) Desktop Environment System - Sophisticated CPC GUI, based on WIMP environment. For all Amstrad CPC disc machines. Disc - £14.99 ROMS (2) - £24.99 5) 2in1 - PC to CPC transfer program, runs under CPM. Allows the user to swap between a PC and the CPC using an interchangeable disc format. For all Amstrad CPC disc machines with 128k running under CPM3. £19.99 6) VideoMaster - Hardware peripheral which links the the CPC to any VHS video recorder. Superior picture resolution than all Amstrad modulators. Includes audio ouput to recorder as standard. £36.99 7) ParaDos - Superb Disc Operating System for use with large format 3.5" B drives. Compatible with and superior to ROMDOS. This is the only DOS ROM which should be inserted in ROM slot seven thereby freeing an extra slot for more software. £14.99 8) The Basic Idea - Quality Basic tutorial aimed at the competent Basic programmer. Consists of a 42 page manual and disc of example programs. £14.99 Please add £1.00 to all disc or ROM orders for first class postage and £1.50 for VideoMaster orders. All our products are fully guaranteed.

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