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Wacky Darts

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WACKY DARTS - Introducing Reggie Loud your celebrity host... "...And on todays show we have a WACKY line up of contestants. Come on down... NEVIL THE BARBARIAN. He's a big guy and oh dear...a bit clumsy! JOCKEY "PILSNER". The dart boards over HERE Jockey!... BAZA "THE WAR MACHINE", Heads down everybody...mean! ALF "THE ALIEN". He's a New Boy to this UNIVERSE. DANIEL "THE MAGICIAN". Didn't see that one DANNY...lucky! NIGEL "THE NINJA". Careful Nigel ...that looks lethal! JEFF "THE ARCHER". A good set of arrows, Jeff! Each one shows a TOTALLY DIFFERENT style of PLAY! Which one will you face to play 501 or ROUND THE CLOCK?! SEVEN "INTELLIGENT" OPPONENTS CONTROLS Press SPACE to move a highlighted Option, and ENTER to select on all the menu screens. Select JOYSTICK OR KEYS on the 1st menu. Q UP A DOWN O LEFT P RIGHT SPACE FIRE Press SYMBOL SHIFT to PAUSE Hold down CAPS SHIFT and then press SYMBOL SHIFT to QUIT. Press UP, DOWN, LEFT and RIGHT to move the hand, and FIRE to throw. Watch the angle the hand is TILTED back when you throw, as this makes a big difference! 180 Take 3 throws each, and reduce your score from 180 to 0 before the other player. The scoreboard will INDICATE the score left to finish, and also the TIME left for each shot. If you take too long your HAND throws automatically! You must END on a DOUBLE OR INNER BULL, and will go BUST if you get less than 0 score (The 3 shots are discounted and you start again from your previ- ous score). PRACTICE Select any opponent for a friendly practice game. ROUND THE CLOCK Each player takes 3 throws each, and must get 20, 19, 18 etc... in the right order until throwing a 1. You must then throw DOUBLE TWENTY to finish! TOURNAMENT Select your 1st round opponent for the best of three games, and then work your way up to the FINAL in a knockout competition!

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