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Little Puff In Dragonland

Last Update : Saturday 02 May 2020 at 19 h 23

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Little Puff's Mum had told him not to wander too far from home. But one day he couldn't resist the temptation to go off and explore the mysterious world that lay beyond Dragon Land. After a while he was hungry - but he was too little, and not fierce enough to catch anything, so he ran huffing and puffing his way back home for dinner. But his way was blocked by a ferocious guard demanding a pass. What could Puff do - he had no pass! This is where you come in . . . . . . you must help Puff find the 4 parts to the pass, avoiding the hazards that confront him at every turn - and guide him safely back home! "The fun starts here" LOADING: on the 464 type RUN"" (ENTER) on the 664/6128 type:|TAPE(ENTER)RUN"" (ENTER) CONTROLS Joystick Keyboard Left Left B Right Right N Jump/through door Up S Pick up Down X Fire (breathe fire) Fire A Select item SPACE SPACE Quit ENTER ENTER Pause DEL DEL Press 1 or 2 for KEYBOARD or JOYSTICK. Press 3 if you want to define your own keys. Press SPACE to start. WHAT TO DO... You must collect all 4 parts of the pass to get into Dragon Land. These are found in envelopes. Then you must pay the toll collector something to go over the bridge to get back home. HINTS AND TIPS * Collect the potion to breathe fire. * You can guide Puff to fly left or right when you go down a hole - but only if you take a running jump at into it. * Get a foot pump to inflate the life belt, but watch out - it will only stay up for a limited time if you drop the pump. * Pick up food for more points. HELP LINES If you can't get any further in any of these games and would like us to give Hints & Tips on how to solve all the puzzles just phone the numbers below. Please don't phone unless you are really stuck and make sure you get permission from the person who pays the phone bill first! SPECTRUM, AMSTRAD, C64 DIZZY 0898 555 093 TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY 0898 555 091 FANTASY WORLD DIZZY 0898 555 078 LITTLE PUFF 0898 555 094 ATARI ST AND AMIGA TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY 0898 555 092 LITTLE PUFF 0898 555 095 Calls cost 25p per minute during off-peak time and 38p per minute at all other times. (GREAT BRITAIN ONLY) Programming Glenn Benson Graphics Paul Johnson Music David Kelly Illustration Allastair Graham All CARTOON TIME games are uniquely numbered, collect any five, send us the bar codes and become an official member of the Cartoon Time club. You will receive our free hints, tips and passwords on all Cartoon Time and CodeMasters games, plus a super catalogue full of colour "T" shirts, Badges, Posters, Pens, Stickers Etc. of your favourite CARTOON TIME and CODEMASTERS games. This program, including code, graphics, music and artwork are the copyright of CodeMasters Software Co. Ltd and no part may be copied, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of CodeMasters Software Co. Ltd. Made in England Published by CodeMasters Software Co. Ltd. P.O. Box 6, Leamington Spa, England CV33 0SH

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