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Space Invaders Arcade Emulator For Amstrad CPC

Last Update : Wednesday 22 March 2017 at 22 h 34


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Outils pour créer le DSK et les CDT (ne contient pas les ROMS)

Manual n° 2

SPACE INVADERS ARCADE EMULATOR FOR AMSTRAD CPC V1.02 by 40CRISIS ---------------------------------------------------------------- ABOUT ----- It's a SPACE INVADERS arcade Emulator For the Amstrad CPC computer range. SPACE INVADERS is copyright by Taito Corporation (C) 1978 Usage of this SPACE INVADERS EMULATOR FOR AMSTRAD CPC in conjunction with roms you don't own is forbidden by copyright laws... WHY --- It's one of the first arcade games and it has been cloned so many times on nearly all computers/consoles plateforms. It's a so iconic videogame and a videogame legend ! The challenge to emulate it, and better run the original code ! Computer archeology internet site provides me with a fantastic documentation about space invaders internals. Simon Owen's Space Invaders emulator on SAM Coupé make me realise that emulation was possible on Amstrad CPC and was a great source of inspiration. Many thanks to them. It made me the task much more easier. REQUIREMENTS ------------ Space invaders arcade roms are needed to run emulator (not provided with emulator package for copyright reasons) Common names are invaders.h, invaders.g, invaders.f, invaders.e See next section "HOW TO BUILD SPACE INVADERS ARCADE EMULATOR CPC DISK / TAPE" on how to generate CPC emulator disk image / tape image under Windows. SPACE INVADERS is copyright by Taito Corporation (C) 1978 and no data from the original arcade game must be included with this emulator package. HOW TO BUILD SPACE INVADERS EMULATOR CPC DISK / TAPE ----------------------------------------------------- Tested on Microsoft Windows 7 / Windows 10 a) create a temporary folder and unzip archive into it. b) use roms files image from original arcade game release Put roms files in temporary folder c) Build CPC Disk Image / Tape Image run GENSI.EXE in temporary folder In the folder, you should have disk image SI.DSK and tape images SI.CDT (2000 bauds) and SI_FAST.CDT (3300 bauds) if you run gensi.exe without parameters program will look automatically for invaders.h invaders.g invaders.f invaders.e rom files. But if you wish, you can specify your own rom filenames in a simple text file: example rom.txt: invaders.h invaders.g invaders.f invaders.h Then run gensi rom.txt (program will assume first rom starts at 0 and roms form a single continued block of memory) In case there's memory discontinuity for roms you can specify start offset for roms (language C hex syntax); example sisv2.txt: sv01.36 0x0 sv02.35 0x400 sv10.34 0x800 sv04.31 0x1400 sv09.42 0x1800 sv06.41 0x1C00 LAUNCH ------ Disk version: Insert disk file SI.DSK Type RUN"SI" and press ENTER. The program will automatically load. Tape versions: Insert tape file SI.CDT Type RUN"" and press ENTER. The program will automatically load. Insert fast tape file SI_FAST.CDT Type RUN"" and press ENTER. The program will automatically load. WHAT IS EMULATED ---------------- - intel 8080 processor. Hopefully z80's designers are the same as 8080 processor and made it fully compatible with 8080 at opcode level (feature named binary compatible or object code compatible) - emulator runs emulated game at 60 Hz though display is done at 50 Hz - original 224x256 resolution - graphics in Amstrad CPC Mode 1 (4 colors mode) fairly accurate to original. Rotating the screen 90 degrees anticlock was a hard job. Tried to minic original black and white display with green and red overlays. - sound output but not very faithful THIRD PARTY SOFTWARE USED BY EMULATOR ------------------------------------- - ManageDsk v0.20g by Ludovic Deplanque (DEMONIAK) - Aplib compressor by Joergen Ibsen and aplib z80 decompressor by César Nicolás González/CNGSOFT - UPX exe compressor Copyright (C) 1996-2013 Markus Franz Xaver Johannes Oberhumer, László Molnár, John F. Reiser - GCC C Compiler KEYS ---- O / Left Arrow / Joystick Left: Left P / Right Arrow / Joystick Right: Right Q / Control / Joystick Fire: Fire 1 Start 1P 2 Start 2P 4 / 5 Put Coin D: Display Space invaders dip switch options as follows: F9: emulate Tilt F1: switch for coin info F2: switch for extra life (1000 or 1500 points, 1500 by default) F3: switch for number of player ships (3 to 6, 3 by default) Ctrl+Shift+Esc: Reset CPC VERSIONS -------- V1.0: Initial release (11/06/2016) V1.02: fixes coming from zx spectrum version (18/03/2017) bonus sound at 1000/1500 points now works reset sound when using tilt updated shields display changes in builder fixed a nasty bug causing emulator to hang at startup (black screen) LICENCE ------- SPACE INVADERS EMULATOR FOR AMSTRAD CPC is freeware. You can redistribute it freely as long as it's for non-profit purposes.

Manual n° 3

* Space Attack bootlet of Space Invaders h 0x0 sv02.bin 0x400 f 0x800 c 0x1400 b 0x1800 a 0x1C00 * Space Invaders invaders.h 0x0 invaders.g 0x800 invaders.f 0x1000 invaders.e 0x1800 * Space Invaders Model Racing 11.1t 0x0 sv02.1p 0x400 20.1n 0x800 sv04.1j 0x1400 13.1h 0x1800 sv06.1g 0x1C00 * Space Invaders SV Version rev 2 sv01.36 0x0 sv02.35 0x400 sv10.34 0x800 sv04.31 0x1400 sv09.42 0x1800 sv06.41 0x1C00 * Space Invaders SV Version rev 4 sv0h.36 0x0 sv11.35 0x400 sv12.34 0x800 sv04.31 0x1400 sv13.42 0x1800 sv14.41 0x1C00 * Space Invaders TV Version rev 2 tv0h.s1 tv02.rp1 tv03.n1 tv04.m1 * Space King invaders.h 0x0 spcekng2 0x800 spcekng3 0x1000 spcekng4 0x1800

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