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Chibi Akumas Episode 1 Invasion! [CPC CPC+]

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Thank you for downloading Chibi Akuma(s)! Please read the terms and conditions - By playing this game you confirm you have read and accept the conditions contained within this file. 1. Chibi Akuma(s) contains bad language, cartoon violence, religious satire, and has a zombified spoof of a famous cartoon character - if you are offended by any of these thing please do not play this game - seriously, if haven't got a sense of humour - fuck off and play wisdom tree games instead. *** Chibi Akuma(s) is rated R-15, it is not suitable for children *** - there is spoof violence and bad language contained within, lets put it this way if you watch south park you will not have an issue with Chibi Akuma(s)! 2. Chibi akuma(s) is not based on any real events, persons or anything else that actually happened (you know, in case you thought Vampires were real! it pains me that this shouldn't need pointing out, some but people are really dumb). 3. I do not condone ANY of the actions portrayed in this game,for example, Killing people and drinking their blood is NOT COOL, despite how mainstream Tween horror movies try to make it! This game should not be played only by people who have difficulty separating reality from fantasy, and those who cannot distinguish the difference between what is acceptable in a fictional comedy, and what is ok in real life. 4. One of the boss characters is a parody of a famous character - according to US law and the TPP - datire is considered protected speech, and I am certain that my representation of this character (who is never mentioned by name) is easily different enough not to count - so there 'N'! 5. Chibi Akuma(s) is free open source software - the compiled game may be redistributed freely provided it is not modified in any way and this file is included if you want to modify this game and redistribute it, you are free to do so in one of the following three ways (Please also see Core.Asm comment header for more details): 1. Minor conversions containing the 'Chibiko' character You must ask my permission before using the 'Chibiko' character, I will freely give this permission provided your game is free and does not contain content which would damage* the 'brand image'. I plan to reuse the 'Chibiko' character in other games, and do not want content released which would be damage that possibility. 2. Minor or Major conversions not containing the 'Chibiko' character You are free to do whatever you want without my permission provided 'Chibiko' is replaced, you are free to use Music, Level Code, Enemy and Boss sprites in any way you wish provided you do not charge for the end result. 3. Total conversions You can use parts of the 'Akuyou' game engine for your own projects in any way you want - Enjoy it and make cool stuff! 6. Mandatory Enjoyment By Playing this game , you agree that this is the best game of all time, the author is awesome, that you will sell your soul to Akuma Chibiko, and that these shrink wrap licences that you are forced to agree to (and the authors fully know you will not try to read) are bullshit that quite blatantly cannot be legally enforced in a court of law anyway - and that they would be abolished if the legal system wasn't so corrupt and biased in favour of corporations against individuals. Are you still reading this crap? are you mad! go play the damn game already! I hope you enjoy the game as much as I did making it! akuyou@chibiakumas.com

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