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Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge

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----------- | GREMLIN | ----------- GREMLIN GRAPHICS PRESENTS LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO CHALLENGE by Magnetic Fields Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge is a one or two player racing game that Gremlin believe is one of the fastest, smoothest and most addictive arcade style racing games of all time. The ultimate aim of the game is to qualify for the Lotus License, which will only be issued to the elite band of individuals that complete all thirty two tracks and finish top of the racers table at the end of all that motoring. Details of how to get your Lotus License once you have achieved this mammoth task are given later in this manual. Loading Instructions ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Spectrum 48 Type LOAD"" and press ENTER. Press PLAY on the cassette recorder. The game will now load automatically. Spectrum 128/+2/+3 Use the LOADER option as normal. Commodore 64/128 Cassette Insert cassette into the cassette unit. Press SHIFT and RUN STOP simultaneously. Press PLAY on the cassette unit. The program will now load and run automatically. Commodore 64/128 Disk Insert the disk into the drive. Type LOAD"*",8,1 and press RETURN. The program will load and run automatically. Amstrad Cassette Insert cassette into cassette unit. Press CONTROL (CTRL) and the small ENTER key simultaneously. Press play on the cassette unit and then press any key. The program will load and run automatically. Amstrad Disk Insert the disk into the drive, label side up. Type|CPM and press ENTER. The program will load and run automatically. Amiga 1. Plug your joystick into port number 2. 2. Switch on your TV/Monitor and then your computer. 3. Insert the game disk into the built in disk drive. 4. The game will now load automatically. Atari ST 1. Plug your joystick into port number 1. 2. Insert the game disk into the disk drive. 3. Switch on your TV/Monitor and then your computer. 4. The game will now load automatically. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION For Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge on Spectrum, Amstrad and Commodore 64 PLEASE NOTE: THE FOLLOWING ALTERATIONS HAVE BEEN MADE TO LOTUS ESPRIT TURBO CHALLENGE IN ORDER TO MAINTAIN THE PLAYABILITY ACROSS ALL FORMATS. CARS. On both the Spectrum and Amstrad versions, there are sixteen cars in the main race, and you must qualify in the top eight to go forward to the next race. In two player mode , there are ten cars, and you must qualify in the top five five to qualify for the next race. On track hazards have also been removed from the Amstrad and Spectrum versions. LOADING AMSTRAD CASSETTE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Side A: Program, Handbook. Side B: Track Data. On side A of the cassette is the main game and the first three tracks, which will load automatically following the main game. Once the main game has loaded, turn the tape over and rewind to the start of side B. SPECTRUM CASSETTE ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Side A: 48K/128K version. Side B: 48K track data, Handbook Program. 128K: The whole game will load from side A. 48K: The main game and the first three tracks are on side A. Once the main game has loaded, it will automatically load the first three tracks. Once this is done, turn the tape over and rewind to the start. AMSTRAD DISK ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Amstrad disk will not run on 64K machines. CONTROLS: When the options screen is reached on both Amstrad and Spectrum, whatever control method is implemented first will become the default for player one. So, should player one wish to use the joystick then he should set the options by using the joystick. Player two will now default to the keyboard. Option two on the Spectrum will be joystick port number two. NOTE: Do not use the cursor keys at any point during the game. Instead the following keys should be used on Spectrum and Amstrad: Up-Y, Down-H, Left-O, Right-P, Fire-SPACEBAR. HANDBOOK: On all cassette versions of Lotus, there is a program called HANDBOOK. This is an intro program presenting information about Lotus Esprit in a series of graphic screens. The Options ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The main options are presented on the Options screen. To make a choice, simply move the joystick up and down to highlight the option you wish to alter, and then move your joystick left or right. The options available are as follows: Difficulty: The choices here are Easy, Medium, Difficult and Practice. On the easy level, there are seven races to complete, on medium there are ten and fifteen on the difficult level. The practice option allows you to practice your driving on a specially designed practice track. Number of Players: One or two. Name of Player: Type in your name on this option, after first deleting the name that's already present on the menu. Manual Gears/Computerised Gears: Chose computerised or manual gears. Normal manual gears are much harder to get to grips with initially, but the acceleration and top speed of the computerised gears are less than when using manual gears. Normal/Alternative controls: Two methods of joystick controls are featured in Lotus, and this allows you to chose between the two. We believe that the alternative method will give more enjoyment once it is learned, but the 'normal' one is the more usual one normally found in racing games. Normal Joystick controls: Accelerate Brake Change up a gear Change down a gear Alternative Joystick controls. Alternative Joystick controls: Accelerate Brake Steer Left Steer Right Change up a gear Change down a gear Mouse controls: (Computerised gears only.) Left Mouse button: Accelerate Right Mouse button: Brake Once you have completed your selection, press the fire button to leave this screen. Following this screen, you will be given the opportunity of choosing the tune that will accompany your racing efforts. There are four in all, and are chosen by moving the joystick left and right, and pressing fire when the tune you wish to hear is highlighted. Racing ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- On each level, the player be informed which position must be achieved in order to qualify for the next race. On the two player game, if either driver qualifies, then both racers are carried forward to the next race. The players next starting position will be determined by his finishing position on the previous race, which will be inverted. So, for example, if the player finishes first, he will start the next race in twentieth place, and he finishes second he will start the next race in nineteenth, and so on. On some of the later tracks, the driver will come across some nasty hazards both on and off the roads, and some of the tracks will throw up some pretty nasty surprises. Pitstops ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Some tracks are too long to complete without stopping for fuel, and so pitstops will be required. These are always to be found just after the start/finish line, and are indicated by the yellow spanner sign. In order to carry out a fuel stop, pull into the pit lane and brake. You will then go to another screen where you will see your fuel tank being filled, the amount being indicated on a meter on the right hand side of the screen. You can leave this screen as soon as you think you have enough fuel by hitting the fire button. Qualifying for the Lotus License Once you have completed Lotus Esprit turbo Challenge, you will be presented with a special message. You must write this message in full on the enclosed card (No photocopies will be accepted), and fill in all the other details requested on the card. Once this is completed, return it to Gremlin Graphics, and your license will be forwarded to you. Applying for your Lotus Licence Once you have completed Lotus Esprit Turbo Challenge, you can apply for your Lotus licence. To apply for your Lotus licence, simply fill in the form over this page and post it to: Lotus Licence, Gremlin Graphics, Carver House,2-4 Carver Street, Sheffield, S1 4FS, South Yorkshire. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Copyright Gremlin Graphics Software Limited 1990 | | | | This manual and the information contained on the floppy disks are | | copyrighted by Gremlin Graphics Ltd. The owner of this product is entitled | | to use the product for his or her own personal use only. No one may | | transfer, give or sell any part of either the manual or the information on | | the disk without the prior permission of Gremlin Graphics Software Limited. | | any person or persons reproducing any part of this program, in any media, | | for any reason, shall be guilty of copyright violation and shall be subject | | to civil the liability at the discretion of the copyright holder. | | | ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------------------- | LOTUS LICENCE APPLICATION FORM | | | | My computer format is: ......................... | | | | The two numbers given on completion of Lotus | | Esprit Turbo Challenge are: | | | | | | First Number: .................................. | | | | Second Number: ................................. | | | | PLEASE USE BLOCK CAPITALS FOR THE | | FOLLOWING SECTION | | | | | |__________________________________________________| | | | Name:____________________________________________| | | | Address:_________________________________________| | | |__________________________________________________| | | |__________________________________________________| | Postcode: | | | | | ----------------------------------------------------

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