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iMPdraw Lite v1.2

Last Update : Saturday 10 September 2016 at 18 h 13

Manual n° 1

iMPdraw v1.2 : ATTENTION *** LE TEST DE LA TAILLE RESTANT SUR LA DISQUETTE EST BASE SUR UN DISK FORMATE EN DATA 178K Working on a Cpc tool listening the Great Turrican's song is fabulous ! Reorganisation of all memory used in the tool to have a clever tool. Corrected Paste window, Flip H&V windows and Del Windows too LoadScr32k now can display Demoniak ConvCpcImg's screens and iMPdraw's 33k's screens too Possibilities to save 0->99 windows using the namefile " windowXX " Corrected DisplayCat on Drive A/B fucking bug due in user problem Update 12.10.15 upto 27.10.15 LoadScr32K dans le menu FullScreen (CTRL+L) Ajoute le 06.10.15 Selection drive avec touche Tab sous CTRL+L (load) Ajoute le 04.10.15 Routine Cat+Selection nom du fichier  So, what's news ? Now you can : -load all ".scr" files from ConvCpcImg (Cpc old only for now!) -save up to 100 ".win" files. Each files will be saved as : "window00.win" then "window01.win", etc... You could use them in your own prod. Concerning Load ".scr", you have to do it in fullscreen mode (CTRL+L). Tab could be used to toggle drive a/b. In fullscreen mode : -v copy the window selected -f flip your window vertically -h flip your window horizontally Many bugs are corrected and so on... For those who want to give me money for my work : PayPal.Me Thank you very much! Feedback are welcome!

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