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Little Playcity Pt3 Player For Sdcc

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Manual n° 2

This little example-project shows how to play PT3-music files on the playcity device using SDCC. You can compose PT3 music for example with Vortex Tracker II S.V. Bulba. The project includes two players, one using interrupt (player.c) and the other not (player2.c). All the source-files reside in the folder src. The makefile (make.bat) resides in the head-folder, compiles both players and packs them into one .dsk. The makefile uses besides sdcc CPCDiskXP and hex2bin so you have to adapt the paths here. The playing-library itself consists of the files playcityPT3.h and playcityPT3.asm. The routines are described in the header-file. For further suggestions, questions and remarks feel free to contact me. Best regards, Shining, 2015-01-17 E-Mail: shiningĂ sf-netzwerk.de

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