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Metal Army

Manual n° 1

METAL ARMY THE STORY There are many criminal and terrorist groups known to be operating in our solar system: The Multifaceted Ringworts of Scrim, Jabba MeGutt with his alien syndicate 'DENIZEN' and of course Crax Bloodfinger and his evil followers. However, all of these despicable characters fade into obscurity when compared to General Ironside and his Metal Army. Question: What do you do when a horde of Ironsides heavy metal henchmen storm Slough nuclear power station, threatening to blow it up? Answer: You send in Joe Blade. However, when you find out that Joe is busy evicting an evil dictator from an unspecified latin american country, you have to do the next best thing. The mayor of Slough was forced to take the only course of action left open to him, call in Harry Chainsaw, freelance bounty-hunter, ex marine and part-time window cleaner from Oslo. Transcript of head-engineers last transmitted message: 'THIS IS AN EMERGENCY ..... THERE IS AN EMERGENCY GOING ON ..... DON'T PANIC! ..... THE TIME BOMB IS SET ..... ARRRGGGHH...' MISSION BRIEFING The Metal Army have infiltrated the power station, planting a small explosive device just above the main reactor housing. Your mission is to find and deactivate that bomb. Metal Army automated combat units will kill you on contact, luckily the mayors office have issued you with a large short-range thermoplasma servo-blaster, which will restrain and eventually destroy the enemy mechanoids. Your blasters energy level may be recharged from a flashing power point. To access certain parts of the massive complex you will need to collect the green security passes. To use a lift stand on it and push up. WARNING: To compensate for damage caused by the Metal Army, the reactors automated ventilation system will systematically discharge coolant gasses, built up electric charge and fuel rods, these will also prove fatal if touched. METAL ARMY CREDITS ORIGINAL CODE: MARK HADEN ORIGINAL GRAPHICS: DAVID WRIGHT TEXTUALS: SIMON DANIELS JOE BLADE II COLIN SWINBOURNE JOE BLADE II DEMO: COLIN, JABBA, SIMON AND ANDY PRODUCED FOR PLAYERS SOFTWARE BY RICHARD PAUL JONES (c)PLAYERS 1988

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