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Miami Dice

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M I A M I D I C E b y B i n a r y D e s i g n ------------------------- | T H E G A M E | ------------------------- _____________________________________________________________ | | | The Game | | Playing the game is simple. All the rules are overleaf. | | First of all choose your players and their names. You use | | the joystick to view the characters. The 'stickman' will | | announce 'they're coming out' on passing the dice to a new | | shooter, and at the very start of the game. At this point | | you can bet on the come out roll (pass line/don't pass) by | | pressing the number of your player (1-4). You can also bet | | on any of the other bets allowed at that point. The | | shooters arm is now prompted and starts shaking the dice. | | You can speed up the shooters arm by waggling the joystick, | | the dice are thrown by pressing the firebutton. | | For full details of the betting results watch the screen | | and read the rules overleaf. Have fun and roll those | | dice...Next stop Las Vegas and the big times... | |_____________________________________________________________| ----------------------- | L O A D I N G | ----------------------- _____________________________________________________________ | | | Hold down CTRL Key and Press the small Enter key. | |_____________________________________________________________| Thanks to David 'High Roller' Thompson The program code, graphics and artwork are the copy- right of Bug-Byte and may not be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Bug-Byte. All rights reserved. For your 'BYTE ME' Bug-Byte bright yellow Teeshirts (S/M/L) send £3 and size, hurry, they are really gr-gr-eat Miami Dice - American Craps Craps is one of the fastest gambling games to be played in casinos around the world. It involves throwing two dice against the high sides of the table and betting upon the way that those dice will lie at the end of their roll. The table is laid out in a fairly complex pattern with the various bets being shown by the boxes marked on the green baize. Rather like Roulette the various bets can be combined and all types of odds and options are available to the player. If you take all the possible combinations of two dice you will find there are 36 ways that they may fall. These produce eleven totals from 2 to 12 and the odds against each total appearing is proportional to the number of combinations that make the number concerned, eg. as the total two can only be formed in one way the odds against it appearing are 35-1, seven can be formed six different ways so the odds against that are 5-1. In America the casino game should strictly be called Bank Craps, as all the bets are made against the casino. The players around the table each take turns to be the 'shooter', ie. the dice thrower. You remain as the shooter until you lose when the dice are passed to the player on your left. The shooter is obliged to bet that he will win and the first roll of the dice is the 'come out' roll. On this roll there are three possible outcomes. If the player rolls 7 or 11, so called naturals, then he wins his bet immediately. There are three numbers that cause an immediate loss, 2, 3 or 12, these are known as craps. If the player throws any other combination (4, 5, 6, 9 or 10) then he has thrown a point number and the decision of win or lose is made by subsequent rolls. The aim of these rolls is to roll the same number again, and thereby win, before you roll a 7, in which case you lose. This means that a throw of 7 is a winning roll on the come out roll and a losing throw thereafter. All the bets on the table are cleared by a throw of 7 and paid out or taken by the casino. Betting at a Craps table There are a few words that need to be learned before you can choose the correct bets. The winning shooter is said to "pass" or to make a "right" bet. A losing shooter is said to "miss" or make a "wrong" bet. The table has a "Pass Line" where you can bet that the shooter will win and a "Don't Pass Bar 12" line where you can bet that the shoot will lose. The "Bar 12" refers to an adjustment made by the casino to retain it's statistical advantage. It means that if the come out roll is a 12 then, despite the fact that the shooter loses, the better doesn't win and the bet is a stand off. Another area of the table is a "Come" area which is only used after the shooter has established a point and forms a bet that the shooter will win. There are three possible outcomes for this type of bet. A natural wins for the come better, a crap means a loss and a point total means that the bet is moved to the correctly numbered box to await the outcome of the next rolls, judged as described above. The "Don't Come" bet is similar to the Don't Pass bet, ie. the opposite of the Come bet, and has a similar restriction, Bar 12, in order to retain the casino advantage. Other bets that can be made include: "Place or box numbers to win" - a player can bet that any number will appear before 7. "Place or box numbers to lose" - the opposite of the place to win bet. "Hardway bets" - those numbers which can be formed by the two dice showing same number, eg. 4 made of two 2's, can be bet upon and the better wins if the number is made that way, either before it is made the other way, ie. 1 & 3, or before a 7 is thrown. "Field bet" - placed near the numbers below the Come area, this is a bet that one the numbers shown, 2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, 12, will be thrown on the next roll. "One roll 2", "One roll 12", "One roll 3", "One roll 11" - all these bets rely on the number concerned being thrown on the next roll. "Any craps" - a bet that 2, 3 or 12, will appear on the next roll. "Big 6" and "Big 8" - known as sucker bets because they can be played by using other combinations on the table, place or box numbers to win, which pay better odds - these two bets are that 6 or 8 will appear before 7. "C" or "E" - these circles are for bets that craps (2, 3, 12) or eleven will be thrown on the next roll, for some obscure reason this is known as a "Horn bet". Betting Odds The odds for the various bets described above differ between the casinos in different countries. The odds noted here are those that are usually offered. Please note that all the odds are described according to the American system of betting where the offer is X for Y - which is equivalent to X-1 to Y according to the English system, eg. 10 for 1 is the same as 9 to 1. Bet Odds Win Line Even Don't Win Even Come Even Don't Win Even Place to win 4 or 10 Even 2 for 1 5 or 9 8 for 5 6 or 8 4 for 3 Place to lose 4 or 10 6 for 11 5 or 9 3 for 4 6 or 8 Even Hardway 4 or 10 8 for 1 6 or 8 10 for 1 Field bets 2 3 for 1 12 4 for 1 Others Even One roll 2 30 for 1 One roll 12 30 for 1 One roll 3 15 for 1 One roll 11 15 for 1 Any craps 8 for 1 Big 8 Even Big 6 Even C or E (Horn bets) 5 for 1 Gameplay Control keys: Keyboard Joystick Q Up A Down O Left P Right Betting keys: Each player (gambler) has a personal key that enables them to break into the action to place a bet. The players are numbered from left to right and the keys are: Player Betting Key 1 1 2 Z 3 M 4 0 If you are using a joystick then pressing FIRE has the effect of allowing the player whose window is currently active to place a bet. Screen Modes Pressing the space bar allows you to change from action mode to control screens. The first screen is the initialisation and this offers you the chance to select, omit and rename players at will. You use the cursor control keys to move to the player that you want to change and then press the betting key for that player. All alphanumeric input can be changed by moving the cursor left/right to the required character and then using up and down to change the letter. Pressing a betting key whilst in the area of a player's personal information will assign that player to the position selected. Lower screen options Moving the cursor to the bottom part of the screen allows you to change the following options. Omit a gambler Change control from KEYBOARD Go play craps Pressing the betting keys whilst the cursor is next to one of these options causes that action to be taken. For example to omit player 1 you should press key 1 whilst the cursor is next to that option. Control is selected by pressing the following keys: Key Control 1 Keyboard Z Cursors M Timedata Joystick 0 Kempston Pressing a betting key when against the play option means that the player whose key was pressed will roll first. Joining a game You can join a game by pressing the betting key of the player concerned. You are welcomed to the game and can play straight away by pressing the betting key again. If you wish to use a code given to you at the end of another session then use the same control sequence as that used to alter a player's name. The Craps game Each player starts with $100 and if you have more than that figure at the end of a session then you leave with a cheque. The game follows a set pattern of events: Place your bets - you have a limited time to press your betting key and then put your stake on the board before the next roll. Betting menu - cursor control allows you to select from: Set stake Moves to stake setting menu. Input your bet and press betting key to return. Place bet A scrolling window allows you to move the cursor to the correct part of the table then pressing the betting key places the bet. A bell will be heard if an invalid bet is selected. Lay odds It is possible to lay odds after a point has been made. Move the cursor to the bet you wish to lay odds on and then press your betting key. Odds to the value of your stake will then be laid. Go home You can only go home if you have no bets on the table. You can take your cheque or return by pressing space after the cheque is written. Make a note of the cheque number. That's it This option quits the betting menu. Whilst in the betting menu pressing space will give a read out of all the current bets laid. Shaking the dice The shooting player should press left and right keys alternately, or wiggle joystick, to shake and then press betting key or fire to throw.

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