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Mig Busters
F16 Fighting Falcon

Manual n° 1

MIGBUSTERS Climb into the cockpit of your devastating F16 fighter, fire up the engines and take to the skies. In MIGBUSTERS you fly this aircraft on a series of deadly missions over an unspecified North African terrorist nation. Don't expect to be given an easy time as you will have to contend with Soviet built MIG fighters, gunship helicopters and various ground defence installations. MIGBUSTERS comprises of six deadly missions. Upon completion of each mission your aircraft will land on automatic pilot and your plane will be fitted with an extra piece of military hardware. Extra ammunition may be collected from the crates situated at ground level, simply fly into them to replenish your supply. The first mission takes you over the burning North African desert, if you complete this level you will be awarded with a consignment of Sidewinder missiles. When using this weapon system a target pointer is displayed in front of your plane when this comes into contact with an enemy aircraft your planes targeting computers will lock onto the target. When fire is pressed a missile will be launched which should home in on the aircraft blowing it out of the sky. The second mission also takes you over the desert. When this level is complete you will be awarded a 6 barrel cannon, which increases your firing rate. Upon completion of mission three, the night-time level, you will be asked to test an F16 fitted with 100% thrust enhancement enabling you to out manoeuver anything the enemy dare throw at you. Missions Four and Five take you across the regions fertile plains. Upon Completion of level four you will be awarded a reinforced nose cone, which will deflect enemy bullets. Once level five is complete your F16 will be fitted with an ejector seat giving you an extra life with which to complete the final level. The fate of the free world rests in your hands, so prime your weaponry, grab your sunglasses and take the highway to the demiliterised zone. CONTROLS SPECTRUM: Use joystick or redefinable keyboard controls. CAPS SHIFT pauses the action. AMSTRAD: Use a joystick or cursor keys and space bar to control your F16. ESC pauses the action. ORIGINAL CODE and GRAPHICS by SOFTWARE SORCERY MUSIC composed by SONIC GRAFFITI and converted by ANDY SEVERN LOADING SCREEN drawn by MICHAEL SANDERSON COVER ARTWORK and LOGO by PETER AUSTIN SOFTWARE CO-ORDINATION by SIMON DANIELS Many thanx to the ART STUDIO, DATA DUPLICATION, PRINT and PACKING departments for all their help. _________ _ _ | PLAYERS | ----------------- | P R E M I E R | ----------------- \ / \ / v © 1990 THIS GAME WAS DUPLICATED, PRINTED AND PACKED WITH CARE BY THE PEOPLE OF INTERCEPTOR, ALDERMASTON, BERKSHIRE, ENGLAND All unauthorised copying, hiring, lending or hiding of this software or packaging is completely illegal and should not under any circumstances whatsoever occur. Premier is a a division of the Interceptor Group. Have you seen 'Heathers' yet? It's really really good, trust me! Further reading : Any book with an red cover. PLAYERS SOFTWARE, Mercury House, Calleva Park, Aldermaston, Berkshire. RG7 4QW

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