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____________________________________________________________________ ACE - ADVANTAGE CP/M EDITOR ____________________________________________________________________ ACE is a full 80 column screen editor allowing text editing with full cursor control throughout the file. It is particularly suited to software development. Two versions are supplied in this package:- ACE.COM is for use under CP/M Plus and the instructions for installation are given below. ACE2.COM is for use under CP/M V2.2 and no special installation procedure is required. It is advisable to install the CP/M System tracks on the disc using SYSGEN. USE ON CP/M Plus ---------------- To invoke the editor, first install CP/M+ into your computer to get the A> prompt. Note that during this installation, if SETKEYS.COM has run the keyboard will have been redefined to allow convenient use of some of the editor's features. Also, the screen must be in a 24 row x 80 column format, this is ensured by running SET24X80.COM. Contained on the disc is PROFILE.SUB which automatically invokes SET24X80.COM and SETKEYS.COM using key definitions from KEYS6128.ACE or KEYS8256.ACE when CP/M+ is booted. If you require details of how to configure a disc containing all the necessary files to boot from please refer to the CP/M documentation file. OPERATION OF ACE ---------------- Having booted CP/M simply type A>ACE FILENAME.EXT where FILENAME is the new text filename and EXT is its extension. ACE will then request that you confirm you wish to create a new file on the disc. Type Y for yes and ACE will present the editor cursor at the centre of the screen. If the file to be edited already exists you may request that a backup is made before editing commences. FEATURES -------- (Note PCW users should replace CTRL by ALT in the following text). RETURN is used to create new lines and to terminate existing lines. Note that no more than 80 characters may exist on any one line. DELETE is used to remove text at the cursor position. If no text exists on the line then it is deleted. CONTROL R converts character to upper case. CONTROL S convert character to lower case. Cursor control keys may be used to position the cursor anywhere within the text file, alternatively the following may be used. CONTROL H cursor left. CONTROL L cursor right. CONTROL K cursor up. CONTROL J cursor down. CONTROL U cursor to column 0. CONTROL f1 is used to home the cursor to the begining of the file. CONTROL DEL deletes a line from the cursor position onwards. CONTROL OPTIONS --------------- Several special functions may be performed whilst editing. Each is selected by first depressing ESCAPE (6128) or STOP (PCW) or by pressing CONTROL [ twice. A command may then be entered followed by RETURN to invoke it. A - advance cursor to end of file An - n is the number of lines by which the cursor is advanced. Bn - n is the number of lines by which the cursor is backed up. Cn/x/y - change n occurances of the string x to the string y. Dn - delete n lines. Fn - n=0 tabs inserted, insert mode n=1 no tabs used n=2 overwrite mode n=3 no tabs and overwrite G filename - read in the named file. J n m - justify to n columns for m lines. Ln - position cursor at line n. Pn filename - write n lines to the disc filename given. Q - quit editing and write the edited file to disc. S/x - forward search for the string x. T - position cursor at the start of the text file. The last command option may be repeated by typing CONTROL A whilst in the normal edit mode. ____________________________________________________________________ CP/M is a registered trademark of Digital Research Amstrad is the trade mark of Amstrad Consumer Electronics plc ____________________________________________________________________

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