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Mutant Monty

Last Update : Sunday 18 August 2013 at 08 h 13

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Real size : 466 * 775 px = 172.52 Ko

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Real size : 2232 * 1119 px = 301.52 Ko

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Real size : 697 * 1149 px = 194.27 Ko

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Real size : 709 * 1122 px = 178.52 Ko

Manual n° 5

MUTANT MONTY Like most people Monty has two main ambitions in life, to "get rich quick" and to become a hero. Here he has the opportunity to achieve both. He has only to make his way through 40 rooms, collecting all the gold en route and rescue the "damsel in distress" What Monty is not aware of are the countless aliens all set to stop him; from the dreaded parallelians to the very beautiful but extremely rare Quantum Leapies (QL?) (Sorry Sir C!) and also that he has to pass through the Pit of Eternal Slime, the inside of a neutron accelator and cross the desolate wastes of Pithor before he can finally rescue the fair maiden. All this with only five lives and the clock ticking away against his score, should Monty continue or should he have to stop for a drink at the conveniently placed refreshment bar? Poor Monty, only the brave should play.

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