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NONTERRAQUEOUS ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Aim of the Game ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This game is set on a remote planet ruled by a an evil tyrannical computer, who uses the population as pawns in a universal chess game. The oppressed populace plan to revolt and build themselves a robot seeker to hunt for the computer's base hidden deep within the bowels of a giant mountain. The 'seeker' was constructed with components stolen from the assembly lines of a droid factory. The months of secret preparation are over - the seeker is sent off on it's dangerous quest . . . You must guide the seeker through the insides of the mountain and destroy the computer base. Within the mountain you find that there are 42 levels which are split into three sections - the cave section at the top and the all-machinery and semi-machinery sections at the bottom. There are over 1,000 screens to search and progress is not easy! A touch from any of the minions guarding the computer's domain will diminish your Psyche BUT an encounter with a photon thruster will prove fatal! These, and many other hazards, must be overcome and to achieve your aim you must use your brain as well as your trigger finger - for example: at the bottom of the central shaft is a rocket for which you must find fuel, because only with the rocket can you pass safely through the gas room . . . You have 2 modes of operation - normal sphere mode, in which you can fire, and defenceless mode in which you cannot. You change modes in a room with an object labelled SWOP. Each mode has it's uses! Your Psyche level is displayed at the bottom of the screen. If you lose all your Psyche the game is over and you have failed. You can, however, gain Psyche in some rooms from a single, standing object. Beware of those that give you decayed Psyche which will kill you, you will find that these are consistent throughout the game. CONTROLS. joystick compatible Keys:- Q - Seeker Up. A - Seeker Down. P - Seeker Right. O - Seeker Left. SPACE - Fire. I - Pick up an object/get psyched/swop modes. U - Drop Bomb. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Unauthorised Copying, Lending or Hiring is prohibited ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © Mastertronic Limited 1985 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Made in Great Britain. Design & Artwork: Words & Pictures Ltd., London

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