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Manual n° 2

WRIGGLER Picture a nice peaceful afternoon in the garden, then suddenly all hell is let loose. There are Creepy Crawlies everywhere, nasty spiders, diving greenfly, and slimy snails. You will need eyes everywhere to kill this lot. Control is via the keyboard or joystick:- Keyboard Redefineable Score Line Points Caterpillar Body 10 Caterpillar Head 50 Spider 35 Diving Green Fly 40 Snail 200 Red Mushroom 1 Yellow Mushroom 5 LOADING INSTRUCTIONS AMSTRAD CP 464 1. Turn on computer. 2. Place cassette in data recorder. 3. Rewind cassette to beginning. 4. Press CTRL and small ENTER keys simultaneously. The computer will respond by displaying "PRESS PLAY THEN ANY KEY". 5. Press play on your data recorder then press a key, your program will now load.

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