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IS THIS THE LAST MISSION FOR THE LAST OBLITERATOR? Your personal communicator bleeps. A summons. The Federation Council of Elders want you. And they want you now. No time to pack - a Nuclonic inter-stellar shuttle is on its way to collect you - the last time this happened it took them three months to put your body back together again. You shudder - the adrenalin is pumping. You're tough, you're mean, and you're ready for action - but what's in store? Something big is about to break - the star fleet was on alert for days - then one morning it was gone, the whole fleet and no one knew where. The top brass have been running around with stark terror on their faces - no one knows why. And now they are going to tell you - the last of the Obliterators. Why? During the last war you and the unit you commanded were heroes - wherever the fighting was hottest and bloodiest who did they send? - the Obliterators of course, the most highly trained élite lighting force ever assembled; each one recruited at birth from amongst the population of billions in Federation space; each one intensively trained and educated form childhood each one with a genetically enhanced body to speed up reflexes, enhance the senses and increase strength and agility. Always the Obliterator mission was suicidal, always a last attempt to resuce impossible situations against impossible odds. And always - incredibly - you survived. But the Clone Wars were eight years ago, and since then the Obliterators have only been called upon to undertake the occasional suicide mission - but you always came back and that's why you're the only Obliterator left. And that's why they want you. The briefing is over and you have your orders. It's hard to believe that the summons came less than four hours ago - now you're three million parsecs away, about to enter into the most dangerous situation of you life - and you're alone. With all else failed the Elders had to call on you - and what they told you was beyond belief. The entire Federation Star Fleet had been destroyed by a single Alien Spaceship - and what a Spaceship! For centuries the Federation had been the most powerful force in the galaxy. Ever expanding outward, colonising new worlds and absorbing old alien cultures. More than a thousand worlds knew arid enjoyed Federation law and order. But all this was not without cost. Expansion inwards towards the galactic core revealed many old alien civilizations some of which where both unwilling to join the Federation and technologically superior. Federation attempts to coerce these Aliens into joining them had made many enemies. Now these enemies have banded together to construct a seemingly indestructible craft - and they are hell bent on revenge. Enormous in size and apparently invulnerable this craft is heading straight into the centre of Federation Space. Its apparent mission - the destruction of the Federation homeworld - Earth. The Star fleet never stood a chance. The alien ships anti-matter screens deflected everything they threw at it with scornful ease, and then it simply removed the fleet from existence with its main weapons. The technoiogy is awesome. The Elders' plan is simple. There exists a prototype matter transporter, the lastest thing in interstellar travel. It has two problems - no living creature has yet used it and the immense power needed to transport an object as complex as a human being. There is though enough power to put one person aboard the alien ship and the Elders have given you the 'honour'. And how about this for a mission - the Elders only want you to disable the Plasma drive engines - bring down its battle shields and disable the main weapons system. That should give the Federation's few remaining strike craft a chance to destroy the cruiser - but that's just for starters. The Federation also need information on the alien ship. Any alien computer datapacks must be recovered - the information they contain is vital. Which means they expect you to somehow survive and escape before they destroy the ship. Now the mission begins. Luckily it worked - your body was broken down into elemental parts, then beamed aboard the alien craft out in deepest space where it has been re-assembled - not a pleasant experience. But everything seems to be in the right place, and in working order. The environment is strange but the atmosphere breathable. All seems menacing. From the limited intelligence the Federation scanners were able to pick up, you know that this craft is crewed by a mixture of androids, robots and the worst kind of bad guy aliens you could hope to meet. With luck you should be able to disable equipment and machinery by removing vital components. But your first priority must be survival - you were only able to bring a limited arsenal with you - to stay alive you'll have to live by your wits - steal what weapons and ammunition you can - learn as you go and kill. You must kill every alien you come across and create as much havoc and confusion as possible - and, once you've completed your objectives the Elders expect you to escape with the information they so desperately need - nothing must stop you, nothing must get in your way, the mission is all important. Only one thing can save the Federation now - you.... The last Obliterator. PLAYING INSTRUCTIONS Welcome to the world of Obliterator. Within the Alien space craft you control our hero 'Drak'. Once the game has started you will materialise somewhere in the rear of the alien space craft and in order to complete the game you must perform the following tasks in any desired order: You must find and remove this component to disable the plasma drive engines. You must find and remove this component to disable the battle shields. You must find and remove this component to disable the main weapons system. You must find and remove this computer datapack. You must find this component and place it correctly in the shuttle to acitivate its systems and escape. Whilst completing these tasks you will be confronted by various creatures and contraptions which you must destroy to earn points. Once all five tasks have been completed the score will count down (the border colour will now be slightly blue) until it reaches zero at which point the Federation fighters will attack. If you have not reached and activated the shuttle before this happens you will be destroyed. If you are successful your score is your remaining points. CONTROL ICONS LEFT Move left if facing left or else turn to face left. UP Move up at the next available opportunity. DOWN Move down at the next available opportunity. RIGHT Move right if facing right or else turn to face right. HALT Halt all movement. INTO Walk into the next doorway or Shield regenerator. SHOOT Stop and fire weapon. DEFEND Take a defensive action. ACTION Pick up an object/remove a component/insert a component. PISTOL Click her to use the pistol. The numerals are the ammunition left. RIFLE Click here to use the rifle. The numerals are the ammunition left. BLASTER Click here to use the Blaster. The numerals are the ammunition left. BAZOOKA Click here to use the Bazooka. The numerals are the ammunition left. ENGINE Appears when you are in possession of the engine component. SHIELDS Appears when you are in possession of the shields component. WEAPONS Appears when you are in possession of the weapons component. SHUTTLE Appears when you are in possession of the shuttle component. DATAPACK Appears when you are in possession of the computer datapack. SHIELDS A red bar which decreases as your personal shield fails. SCORE Your current score. WEAPONS During gameplay weapons may be discovered which may be used in exactly the same manner as the pistol. This is the pistol. You always have this weapon. Its projectiles are slow and fairly ineffective. This is ammunition for the pistol. Picking it up adds 15 projectiles to your store to a maximum of 50. This is the rifle, its projectiles are fast and powerful but do not penetrate many metals. This is ammunition for the rifle. Picking it up adds 10 projectiles to your score to a maximum of 25. This is the blaster. Although its projectiles are slow it will destroy anything. This is ammunition for the blaster. Picking it up adds 5 projectiles to your store to maximum of 10. This is the bazooka. This is the only weapon capable of penetrating any material. This is ammunition for the bazooka. Picking it up adds 2 projectiles to your store to a maximum of 3. PERSONAL SHIELD Drak is equipped with a personal energy shield which protects him from most alien weapons but which degenerates whilst in use. Shield Regenerators may be found at various points throughout the alien craft. To activate simply walk into them as you would a doorway. Drak's personal energy shield will be repaired. KEYBOARD CONTROLS: Spectrum: Q - Man Left W - Man Right O - Icon Left P - Icon Right M - Select Icon Space Bar - Flip Icon Bar Amstrad: As for Spectrum plus: T - Toggle Sound On/Off ESC - Quit Game Commodore C64 Disc and Cassette: Joystick Only - in Port 2 Space Bar - Flip Icon Bar LOADING INSTRUCTIONS: Spectrum: Put your machine into 48k mode. Type LOAD "" and press ENTER. Press PLAY on tape. Program will load and run. Amstrad: 464: Press CTRL and small ENTER. 6128: Type | Tape and press RETURN. Press CTRL and small ENTER. Commodore 64 Disc: Type LOAD "*",8,1 and ENTER. Program will load and run. Commodore 64 Cassette: Hold down SHIFT key and press RUN/STOP. Press PLAY on tape. Program will load and run.

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