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"ONE" - Turn on your computer and load the disk (tape or cassette). In case of a disk, type RUN "ONE" and press RETURN. With a tape, type TAPE and RETURN if you have a CPC or 6128 type RUN "ONE" et RETURN - Valentine the boy hero faces to the RIGHT, pushing the joystick briefly to LEFT causes Valentine to FACE THE WALL. The next push to the LEFT will turn him towards the LEFT. Conversely, a push to the right will first have Valentine FACE YOU. The next push will turn him towards the RIGHT. - To take up an object Valentine will first LEAN forward (joystick pulled down) then grasp it when the FIRE button is pressed. - To open or close a door, Valentine FIRST has to face it, then the FIRE Button is pressed. - To go into a room through a door it has first to be opened. Then if the door is visible, the joystick will have to be pushed forward. If the door step is only a dotted line on the ground, the joystick has to be pulled instead. - Valentine has 10 pockets. Once he has gotten hold of an object, pressing the space bar will get that object into one pocket. To take it out again, strike the number key as displayed at the bottom of the screen for that pocket. - To raise Valentine's arms, push the joystick. - To throw things and objects, first raise Valentine's arms when he hold an object. Then lower the arms and strike the FIRE Button at the time you want to let go. - To fill up a bucket, Valentine has to open a faucet climbing on a stool, then LEAN and push the FIRE Button. - Objects are made up of: - 2 buckets, 5 stones, 2 rakes, 5 balls, 1 pie, 2 bananas, 4 stools They are randomly scattered in the 30 "Rooms" of the game and will appear from the top of the screen as soon as one enters a room for the first time. - THE SCORE - Full bucket : 1000 points - Empty qucket : 100 points - Rake : 50 points - Banana : 500 points - Ball : 500 points - Stone : 500 points - Man hole : 150 points - Ring : 1 point - Object at Alfred's head : 100 points - When Valentine succeeds in escaping Alfred long enough, then Alfred cools down. This time is proportional to the meanness of Valentine's joke. By the way, Valentine can also be a victim to his own wrong doings. - If one plays with the keyboard: A | \----+--- SHIFT | Z FIRE: CONTROL Key

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