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One Man And His Droid

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Time is against you in your efforts to round up the Alien Sheep and to teleport them back to earth in this fast moving colourful arcade/strategy game. Fortunately, your faithful droid who can fly, dig and tunnel is at your side. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Aim of the Game ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You have flown to the planet Andromadous with your droid to capture Ramboids, a male form of alien sheep. They only have an active life of 20 minutes so to teleport them back to earth in a suitable form you will have to move fast. As time runs out you must control your droid up through the hundreds of free Ramboids to gain access to the cavern entrance. The left hand status panel will then show in which order the Ramboids have to be coerced into the teleport receptor, 4 or more Ramboids correctly installed will allow you to progress to the next cavern. Being a bit stupid the Ramboids only move in a certain pattern, either up right bump, down left bump or vice versa. The droid has three modes of operation as shown on the bottom of the control panel. A quick press on the fire button will alter mode from fly, to dig, into tunnelling. A long press will show the location of all the remaining Ramboids. Tunnelling correctly is probably the most important skill required to succeed in capturing all the Ramboids in all 20 caverns. When you have another go the password system will allow you to start where you left off. Controls JOYSTICK Fire button to change mode OR KEYS A - Up Z - Down N - Left M - Right SPACE - Change Mode ESC - Quit ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Hold down CTRL and Press the small ENTER Key ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The program code, graphic representation and artwork are the copyright of Mastertronic and may not be reproduced, stored, hired or broadcast in any form whatsoever without the written permission of Mastertronic. All rights reserved. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- © Mastertronic Limited 1985 ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Made in Great Britain Design & Artwork: Word & Pictures Ltd., London.

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