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P-47 The Freedom Fighter
P47 Thunderbolt

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P-47 : THE PLANE The Republic P-47 Thunderbolt was one of the top American fighters in World War II. In 1943 they were under the control of the British RAF Fighter Command and, operating from bases in England, their principal tasks were relatively short-range sorties over northern France. The following year they were equipped with "drop tanks", giving the extra fuel needed to compliment their immense fire-power, and enabled deep daylight raids further behind enemy lines. The P-47 was at the time the fastest and heaviest bomber in the USAAF, and in combat consistently proved its immense strength. With exceptionally good dive characteristics and hard hitting armaments, the "Lead Sled" was the 8th Air Force's premier deadly weapon. PICK-UPS B Bombs................These drop from the 'plane each time you fire. E Spray missile........These fly from the front of your 'plane as missiles and then split into small projectiles (2 - 8 depending upon your energy level), flying out in fan formation. M Multi-missile........2 - 8 missiles fly from the front of your 'plane, split into a wing formation, and then continue onwards. S Speed-up.............Depending upon your energy level, these cause your 'plane to speed up. T Directable Fire......2 - 8 bullets are fired in the direction you are currently holding the joystick. The 'plane will also move in the same direction - a deadly but tricky manoeuvre. 1 Up Extra Life........Gives you an extra life. P-47 : THE GAME Fly your P-47 through eight frenzied levels of enemy activity, bombing ground vehicles and shooting aircraft. At the end of each level you must confront and destroy a large enemy battleship, tank or 'plane to progress to the next level. Along the way there are several pick-ups. Each time you collect one of these, your energy level increases, starting at level one and increasing to a maximum level of four. Your energy level determines the number of special weapons that each pick-up releases. For example, when you have collected the pick-up for bombs, you will fire one bomb for a each level of energy. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS Amiga: If your Amiga has Kickstart on disk, insert the Kickstart disk and switch on your Amiga. Then, when prompted for Workbench, insert the game disk. Spectrum 48K: Type Load "" then press Play on tape player. Spectrum 128K, +2: Press Enter when 'Loader' is highlighted and then press Play on tape player. Spectrum +3: Insert disk and press Enter when 'Loader' is highlighted. Atari ST: Insert the disk and then switch on the ST. The game will auto-load. IBM PC: Insert disk, select correct drive and the type PC47 for the CGA version, or PE47 for the EGA version. Amstrad Tape: Press Ctrl & Enter then press Play on the tape player. Amstrad Disk: Type Run "Disc. CBM 64 Disk: Insert disk and then type Load "*",8,1. CBM 64 Tape: Press SHIFT & RUN/STOP then press Play on tape player. END GAME On completion of all eight levels, the Spectrum, C64 and Amstrad versions of the game will wrap around to start again. On the ST, Amiga and IBM versions you will receive a congratulatory message and be given the option of running the mission again with a greater degree of difficulty. There are four degrees of difficulty. CONTROLS All versions will have redefinable keyboard controls, as well as a joystick option. The joystick option on the IBM PC will be compatible only with the IBM Game controller card or the built-in joystick port on an Amstrad PC. To quit to DOS on the IBM PC press F10. Game Characteristics described in the document may vary on some computers. Licensed from (C) Jaleco 1988 Manual copyright (C) Microprose Software 1989. 2 Market Place, Tetbury, Gloucestershire, GL8 8DA Tel: (0666) 504326 Fax: (0666) 504331 Tlx: 43422MPS UK G Credits: Manual Text: Rob Davies Manual Design and Graphics: Artistix U.K. (0705) 252125

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