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Pasteman Pat

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PASTE-MAN PAT © L. Calder Pat Splatt, the finest poster putter-upper in Groove-Town spent all day yesterday pasting the new batch of posters. Unfortunately for him, his greatest rival, Nasty Norville, got his henchmen to muddle the posters up. So, it has fallen to him to set about sorting them out. Due to the nature of Pat's super sloppy paste, the posters can't be pulled off and repasted, no, that's what makes him so cool. He's got to slide the pieces around with his horse-hair brush until it's back to normal. Norville's henchmen have found out what's going on and will try and make Pat's job as hard as they can by throwing just about all they can get their hands on at him. If it all gets too much for him, a trip to the toilet will provide insight. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS AMSTRAD 464 OWNERS ------------------ 1. Place the rewound cassette in the cassette unit and press PLAY. 2. Hold down CTRL and press the SMALL ENTER key. AMSTRAD 664/6128 AND 464 + DISK OWNERS -------------------------------------- 1. Hold down the SHIFT and press the @ key. Type TAPE and press RETURN. 2. Connect a suitable cassette player to your computer, according to the User Manual, and insert the rewound cassette. 3. Hold down CONTROL and press the ENTER key. 4. Press PLAY on the cassette player. Note: Full loading instructions can be found in your Amstrad Manual PLAYING THE GAME Controls Use a joystick to control Pat. The title page presents you with a list of difficulty levels. The hardest being at the top (ie. The picture has been divided up into lots of pieces), the easiest at the bottom (The picture has been divided into only 4 pieces). Select the level you want to play by moving the cursor over it and pressing fire. You can load a new poster by selecting the option at the very bottom of the list. There are 5 pictures on the tape, and it is best to note down the counter reading at the beginning of each one as you load them, so you can spool straight through to your favourite one. The aim of the game is to sort out the messed-up billboard in the time allowed, avoiding the missiles thrown by the rivals below. The missiles can be pushed away with the brush. By pressing down on the wall above the toilet sign, a full screen picture of the billboard is shown, pressing fire flips throught three screens that help with the game. Controls are left/right etc, to move Pat around the billboard, fire AND left/right etc, controls the brush. The brush moves the billboard around as long as it hasn't hit a missile first and is not over a section line. When pushing the brush up or down, the side the brush appears on depends on the last left/right movement. 5 FREE GAMES Let us know your thoughts on the Silverbird Range. Drop us a line on the back of a postcard. The lucky winner will receive 5 titles ABSOLUTELY FREE! WARNING: Copyright subsists in all Silverbird Software, documentation and artwork. All rights reserved. No part of this software may be copied, transmitted in any form, or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of the publisher.

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