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Splitraster+ [GX4000]

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Manual n° 2

Keyboard: +/- to change current hardware sprite selection T to enable/disable squares around hardware sprites G to generate scr and asm files ESC to quit The software was presented during a Twitch live session https://youtu.be/3TYCM4GQCts usage -> splitsdl.exe < pngimage > the ideal resolution size for the PNG is 384x270 any color space you want if the picture do not fits the ideal resolution, it will be resized with a crappy precision, avoid this! in the software -> on the picture: clic-left to ADD a new hardware spriteclic-left on a green square to move an existing hardware sprite to the right screen:clic-left to any of the 3 upper band to change - error compensation - sharpness - contrastclicking to the very left of the band will disable the settings clic-left on the zoomed HSP preview will enable/disable transparency keyboard: +/- to select HSPG to generate binaries and assembly files (this will also save your settings in an XML files) ESC to quit outputed files with a <file>.png image: - < file >.xml settings file - < file >.sc1 & < file >.sc2 binaries for screen files - < file >.spr file for HSP data (packed 4+4bits) - < file >.asm file for raster code - < file >cpr.asm in ordre to generate a ready to use cartridge (use RASM to compile it!)

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