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Popeye 3 - Wrestle Crazy

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POPEYE 3 (R) __ _ __ __________ _____ ________ \ \ / \ / / <_________/ / _ \ \______/ | | |_| \ \/ \/ / R E S T L E | | _ R A Z Y ___________ | |_| | ______ \__/ \__/ <___________\ \_____/ /______\ 1 OR 2* PLAYER GAME Our Hero POPEYE has been kidnapped by the evil KRAGGS who wish to conquer the universe. To find out which planets are vulnerable, an intergalactic wrestling contest has been arranged. Popeye has been chosen to represent Earth, and must wrestle against 5 different vicious aliens to save our world from the KRAGGS! The wrestling match is on a desolate asteroid at the edge of the galaxy. Popeye faces his first of five unearthly opponents in front of a hostile alien crowd. Can you help Popeye beat his wrestling opponents and save the Earth, or will our world be over run by the maurauding KRAGGS!? THE ALIEN OPPONENTS TORQUOS from the volcanic planet of CZYKEL. VANTARGA from the planet SYZYGY, renowned for his turbo tail spin. PLASMATIC SHADOW MAN the shadow of fear from the distant planet of PIREXISS. FLUG DURCH with lightning reflexes and manoeuvrability from the distant ZARKAB VALLEY. ANDREK 5 the destroyer, assembled and transported from a distant corner of the galaxy. THE GAME ( 1 OR 2* PLAYER) After a brief introduction by the android announcer, DZ L1N M, the wrestling ring and an information panel will appear. This panel shows Popeye and his opponent with their energy and power meters and a central green display linked directly to the wrestling referee's master computer so that pin counts can be viewed as they happen. The aim of each bout is to beat the opponent by pinning him (or it) to the floor for a count of three. To do this successfully, your opponent must be weakened using a variety of holds and moves. A variety of tactics should be employed, as each alien has unique abilities and strengths. Only by playing will you discover what these are. In the crowd are Olive Oyl and Wimpy, who try to help Popeye by throwing spinach and hamburgers into the ring. When Popeye collects these, it boosts his energy. Spinach also gives Popeye 'Super Spinach Power,' enabling him to use his 'Turbo Typhoon Technique.' Popeye's opponents will realise the value of hamburgers and may try to collect them too. Also in the crowd is nasty old Brutus, who throws bombs into the ring in an attempt to blow up Popeye. However, Popeye can turn this to his advantage by attempting to steer his opponent onto the bombs. *There is a special two player option selected at the start of the game. POPEYE'S MOVES (1 OR 2 PLAYER MODE) GRAPPLE: Walk up to your opponent and waggle the joystick left and right to hold onto him. the power meter will show how well you are doing. If your power meter reaches the top before your opponent's, you will then go into the headlock. HEADLOCK: Waggle the joystick left and right. If your power meter reaches the top before your opponent's, pressing fire will take you into the piledrive. PILEDRIVE: Controlled automatically. At the end your opponent will be flat on the floor. You can then try for the pin. KICK: Move in the direction Popeye is facing and press fire. JUMP: Up and fire. JUMP OFF THE ROPES: Walk to either back corner of the ring and press up and fire. PIN: Walk over to your opponent when he is flat on the floor, stand over his midsection and press down and fire. You will land on top of your opponent. If his energy level is low enough, you will be able to hold him down for a count of three, otherwise he will get up. TURBO If you have collected the spinach, a flashing spinach icon will TYPHOON: appear on the panel, next to Popeye. This will enable Popeye to muster his strength to devastating effect for a short time. Popeye will automatically go into this move from a successful grapple after spinach is collected. NOTES ON PLAY By making the power meter reach the top first, you will either break out of the hold, or perform a hold on your opponent without losing energy. You will lose energy if you are unsuccessful in your attempt at a hold or if your opponent successfully performs a hold. Each successful hold will diminish your opponent's energy. When your opponent's energy is very low, only then is it worth trying a pin. If your energy is low, try to keep out of trouble and collect hamburgers and spinach to build up your energy again. END OF GAME The game ends when Popeye is pinned, or has beaten all the opponents. SECOND PLAYER MOVES (2 PLAYER MODE, POPEYE'S OPPONENT) You may perform all Popeye's moves in the same way, except the Turbo Typhoon and Piledrive. END OF TWO PLAYER GAME The game ends when either wrestler is pinned. CONTROLS C64: 1 or 2 Joysticks only Spectrum: Spectrum or Kempston joystick or keys as follows:- Q UP A DOWN O LEFT P RIGHT SPACE FIRE NB. Keys can be redifined. Two player mode supports any combination of joysticks or keyboard. Amstrad: Joystick or keys as for Spectrum. LOADING INSTRUCTIONS C64: Press SHIFT and RUN STOP together. Spectrum 48k: Type LOAD " " and press ENTER. Spectrum 128k: Switch on and press ENTER on the loader. Amstrad 464/664/6128: Press CONTROL and small ENTER together. [Illustration] TRADE MARK © 1988 King Features Syndicate, Inc. © Alternative Software Ltd. All rights reserved. No part of this publication/ work or name and title therto including the appearance and get-up therof may be reproduced stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without either the prior written permission of the copyright holder for which application should be addressed in the first instance of Alternative Software Ltd. TAKE NOTICE that Alternative Software Ltd. is recorded as asserting all rights of authorship in this work in accordance with the provisions of The Copyright Designs & Patents Act 1988. PROGRAMMERS- If you have written a good program for ANY home computer, send it to us now for evaluation. We pay EXCELLENT royalties!! SEND TO: The Evaluation Department, ALTERNATIVE SOFTWARE, Units 5-7 Baileygate Industrial Estate, Pontefract, West Yorkshire. We will acknowledge receipt of your program same day.

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