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Postman Pat II

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Postman Pat 2 PHEW WHAT A SCORCHER! It is a very hot day in Greendale and Pat's van has broken down; so he has to walk to deliver all the letters. Pat will get very thirsty so he needs lots of cups of refreshing tea, otherwise he will have to go to bed to recover. Luckily Sam, will kindly offer Pat a lift in his van, if they meet on their rounds. Pat must watch out for the "magpie" hens who will try and steal his letters. When Pat reaches the house of one of his friends, he may find they need his help to solve a problem, so he will have to collect an item seen on his rounds. If the item is broken Pat will have to find Ted Glen the handyman to fix it. In the game you play Postman Pat. The game will start with Pat outside the Post Office. The place he is to deliver the letter to will start to flash on the map and the player has to decide the best way to go. He can choose to either try to walk to the address or try to intercept Sam's van. If he walks onto a screen containing one of the items he needs to pick up, he has to walk over to it (then you press fire) to collect it. If he is already carrying an item then that one is dropped and the second one takes its place. (i.e. they swap over). If Pat meets any of the hens, and they touch him, then the letter he is carrying is stolen; and the hen will run away with it, eventually dropping it. Pat must find the letter before doing anything else. In the bottom half of the screen you will find a map of Greendale with flashing markers on it showing Pat's position, where he must go to deliver a letter, the position of hens (to be avoided), where Ted Glen is and the position of Sam's van. The game features an easy and hard version so all can play. To complete the game Pat has to carry out all the tasks and deliver all the letters - so go for a high score but watch that "tea meter" and you will have LOTS OF FUN! LOADING INSTRUCTIONS CBM 64 Insert rewound tape into player. Hold down SHIFT and press RUN/STOP. Start the tape. SPECTRUM 48K Insert rewound tape into player. Type LOAD " " and press ENTER. Start the tape. AMSTRAD CPC (Disk users should type |TAPE and press ENTER before starting). Insert rewound tape into player. Hold down CTRL key and press small ENTER key. Start the tape. KEYS AND CONTROLS CBM 64 - Joystick only. SPACE = Deliver letter and pick up object. SPECTRUM AND AMSTRAD Q = Up A = Down O = Left P = Right SPACE Deliver letter and pick up object © Alternative Software Limited 1989 PROGRAMMERS - If you have written a good programme for ANY home computer, send it to us now for evaluation. We pay EXCELLENT royalties!! Your programme could be in the shops within 3 weeks!! SEND TO: The Evaluation Department, ALTERNATIVE SOFTWARE Units 3-7 Baileygate Industrial Estate, Pontefract, West Yorkshire. We will acknowledge receipt of your programme same day. AS730

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