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PRESIDENT --------- © COPYRIGHT ADDICTIVE GAMES LTD. 1987 AMSTRAD/SCHNEIDER LOADING Load the program using RUN "P" <ENTER>. CONTROLS The game can be controlled by joystick or keyboard as follows: Joystick Keyboard Cursor Keys UP Q CURSOR UP DOWN S CURSOR DOWN LEFT I CURSOR LEFT RIGHT P CURSOR RIGHT FIRE <RETURN>/<ENTER> <RETURN>/<ENTER> _______________________________________ PLAYING INSTRUCTION Now load the game and when you are asked "EXPLORE THIS SECTOR" move the arrow to YES and press FIRE. Press FIRE with the arrow on NO when asked "LOAD OR SAVE GAME?". Now read and follow the instructions below. THE AIM OF THE GAME The aim of the game is to remain President for as long as possible by winning elections and to lead your country to prosperity and success. ELECTIONS Every 2 years in the game you will have to fight an election. Your chances of winning depends on the opinion polls. You will be shown the results as they come in from 1000 regions and if you win the most regions you will remain as President. OPINION POLLS You are shown the latest opinion polls regularly throughout the game. You should try and maintain a high percentage in the poll particularly when an election is close. The following events affect your popularity in the polls: Effect on Opinion % Winning tank battle + 2 Losing tank battle - 2 Oil contract fulfilled + 1 Oil contract cancelled - 1 People Overfed + 1 People Hungry - 1 Disease Outbreak - 1 Disease Epidemic - 3 Balance of Payments + ve + 1 Balance of Payments - ve - 1 The above table will guide you in deciding what actions to take to improve your popularity in the opinion polls. CURRENCY All money transactions are in your country's currency which is K$, or Kilodollars. Kilodollars are the lowest value money unit you will need. OIL QUANTITIES All oil transactions are in KBs (Kilobarrels). A truck carries 2 kilobarrels at a time. A MONTH IN THE LIFE OF A PRESIDENT OIL SCREEN This is the main graphical screen of the game on which you are able to drill for and produce oil, do battle with enemy nations, and farm and produce food to feed your people. The screen is in fact a grid of squares, each of which can contain one object and each of which can be drilled to produce oil. First you will be shown the battle strength of your tanks and be asked to move them one by one. The battle strength is their resistance to damage in battle and will improve by one for each month in which a tank does not fight. This applies to enemy tanks also. You move each tank up to twice one square in any direction. Enemy tanks may also move up to two squares at a time. Your tanks are white and enemy tanks and planes are blue. Battle Rules 1. Tanks will fight each other when they are next to each other horizontally. They cannot attack vertically. 2. Your tanks can only destroy enemy tanks. 3. No tanks can cross lakes. 4. Enemy tanks can destroy your tanks, oil production equipment, and anti-aircraft guns. 5. Tanks will fire at each other repeatedly, each shot will reduce the opponent's battle strength until it reaches zero then the opponent tank will be destroyed. 6. When planes fly across the screen, they will destroy everything in their path except anti-aircraft guns. 7. Anti-aircraft guns will only destroy planes. 8. Weapons can only fire horizontally, not vertically. Oil Production You will be asked if you require an oilwell survey map. Answer YES and the depth of oil in all unoccupied squares will be shown. The higher the bar the deeper the oil in that square. You should try to place your oil production rigs on squares with deep oil wells. Now position the pointer and press fire. You will have the following options: SURVEY - This will tell you the well size for this square in kilobarrels and allow you to move the pointer again. BUILD - This the most important option which allows you to build oil production installations, plant crops, extend road networks and place anti-aircraft guns. The items you can build are from left to right on the screen - Production Rig - This should be placed on a square containing oil and will fill oil trucks which are next to and facing it with 2 kilobarrels of oil if the trucks are empty. It will continue to do so each month until the well is empty and this will be shown by the centre white bar in the rig turning orange. Anti-aircraft Gun - This should be placed on either side of any objects you wish to defend against aircraft attacks. It will blow up any plane which tries to fly over it. It has no effect against enemy tanks and can be destroyed by them. Storage Tank - Oil carried by oil trucks is emptied into a storage tank when the trucks move next to it. Once the oil is in a storage tank it is available to be sold. Crossroads - Joining these to existing roads will allow your trucks to move up and down the screen. Trucks will always try to use a crossroads but will stop before it if their exit road is blocked. Truck on Road - A truck will ferry oil from a production rig to the first storage tank it comes to. It will continue moving to and fro, month by month, even when it does not carry oil. Trucks can only travel along existing roads. Straight Road - This will allow you to extend the travel of trucks by joining it to existing roads. Rice Field - When placed on the screen this will produce 1 Rice crop per month. Cereal Field - When placed on the screen this will produce 1 Cereal crop per month. Fruit Field - When placed on the screen this will produce 1 Fruit crop per month. DESTROY - This allows you to remove unwanted objects. EXIT - To do nothing. Next the tank battles will occur, oil is produced, and the latest food position is calculated. Oil Sales This can be by fixed price contracts which you may be offered or by means of the volatile Spot Market. Food Food supply and demand is shown. Hunger will make your party unpopular and lead to more disease. Excess food will make your party more popular. The demand for food grows when you increase your oil production facilities. This is because people will move from their normal work of self-sufficient farming to work in the oil fields. This industrialisation results in food shortages and increased demand for Government produced food crops. Gold Gold must be purchased by your country to maintain the value of your currency. The value of your currency is shown by the Currency Value Index (CVI). The CVI is a measure of your country's economic standing in the world. The higher the index the better. Note that the gold requirement shown is the amount required to maintain a growing CVI. If your gold stocks are less than the requirement then the CVI will drop because your country will be perceived as a poor economy by the World. Gold Prices Gold in always purchased at the future price. High World economic growth may mean a higher future price and low growth a lower price. Try to anticipate gold prices from the growth forecast and buy your required gold when the price is low. The price can vary between K$20 and K$80 per bar. Currency Value Index Note that the greater the gap between your actual gold stocks and those required, the greater the likely drop in the CVI. If you maintain the gold stocks required then the CVI will generally grow. The CVI will vary between 25% and 175%. The CVI will set the actual price you pay for Imports:- Imports Oil Production Equipment, Military Hardware, and Food have to be imported. The total value of the imports is shown on the Import screen but the price you actually pay is controlled by the Currency Value Index. If your CVI is high it means that your currency has a high buying power and the price you pay for your imports (total cost) will be low. If your CVI is low your currency's buying power will be low and imports will cost more. Import Values The value of imports is calculated as follows:- Oil Production Equip. = The cost of equipment you have built on the Oil screen. The prices are shown above each item. Military Hardware = Each Tank imported costs K$50. Also the cost of Anti-Aircraft guns placed on the Oil screen. The price is shown as above. Food. = The cost of the crops you placed on the Oil screen. The prices are shown above each crop. - These values are totalled and the actual price you pay (Total Cost) is calculated using the Currency Value Index. Health You may spend money on a specific disease to try and reduce the likelihood of outbreaks and epidemics. Disease levels are worsened by food shortages and by the disruption caused by explosions (on the oil screen). Food gluts can help to strengthen your people's resistance to disease. Income and Expenditure All of the Income and Expenditure items for the month are listed and totalled to give the Balance of Payments for the month. (Remember the Balance of Payments has an effect on Popularity). Game Score Note elections are every two years. Load/Save Game A game can be saved and continued later. The filename of the save/load is the letter displayed. The letter can be changed by joystick. Press fire when you have selected the letter name of the file to LOAD or SAVE.

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