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Pro Tennis Simulator

Last Update : Tuesday 18 June 2013 at 23 h 05

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BEFORE YOU START . . . When the game has loaded you will be asked to enter a code before you can play. Just look up the co-ordinates on this table, and enter the letter that you find there: eg, if asked what's at C1 type in I. You have three chances to get it right!" 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 -------------------------------- A | A W E J O A X F N S | B | Q J C Q Z O M F M A | C | E I Q N E P J A N A | D | Q N K B Q P A K H A | E | J I A L K A A O A T | F | O J S A X F N S Q J | G | W Q Z O N F M J E I | H | Q N K C L O A Q J F | I | N B Q J M N C Q O D | J | Q O D X N T E F P J | K | F A X F M O F O S E | L | N S Q J J Q Z A I I | M | Q N K K J L N R Q J | N | G N A N J E N Y Q F | O | P N A Q N B Q J Y N | P | W Q K Q N J L N R Q | -------------------------------- ------------------------------------------------------ | LOADING: | | on the 464 type: RUN"" (ENTER) | | on the 664/6128 type |TAPE (ENTER) RUN"" (ENTER) | ------------------------------------------------------ ONE PLAYER GAME Use JOYSTICK PORT 1 /KEYBOARD TWO PLAYER GAME JOYSTICK PORT 1 = PLAYER 1 KEYBOARD = PLAYER 2 Press Q to Quit O UP Move Up K DOWN Move Down Z LEFT Move Left X RIGHT Move Right P FIRE Press once to throw ball in air Press again to serve or hit the ball FIRE & MOVE FORWARDS Smash FIRE & MOVE BACKWARDS Lob FIRE & LEFT Spin to Left FIRE & RIGHT Spin to Right Tennis is an exciting 3D simulation, featuring all the rules and shots played in the real game. THE SERVE. You must serve into the box between the net and the other player. If the ball lands anywhere else a "FAULT" is given. For each point, you have 2 attempts to serve correctly. If the ball hits the net and lands in the service box, a "NET" is given, this serve is then ignored. PLAY. The ball mustn't bounce more than ONCE before being hit back over the net. TO WIN A GAME. You win points in this order LOVE (Zero), 15, 30, 40, GAME. If both players reach 40, a "DEUCE" situation is reached; One of the players must win 2 consecutive points to gain an "ADVANTAGE" and then "GAME". TO WIN A SET it is the first person to reach 6 games. Once a game has been won, the other player takes his turn to serve for the next game. TO WIN THE MATCH you must be first to win 6 SETS. HINTS After serving run to the middle of the court. Use the PRACTICE option to get the hang of hitting the ball. Watch the ball's shadow on the ground to keep track of where it is. Stay near the back of the court, until you are quick enough to master net shots. Hit the ball low above the ground for a lob upwards. Hit the ball high in the air for a SMASH. HELP LINES If you can't get any further in any of these games and would like us to give Hints & Tips on how to solve all the puzzles just phone the numbers below. Please don't phone unless you are really stuck and make sure you get permission from the person who pays the phone bill first! SPECTRUM, AMSTRAD, C64 DIZZY 0898 555 093 TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY 0898 555 091 FANTASY WORLD DIZZY 0898 555 078 LITTLE PUFF 0898 555 094 ATARI ST AND AMIGA TREASURE ISLAND DIZZY 0898 555 092 LITTLE PUFF 0898 555 095 Calls cost 25p per minute during off-peak time and 38p per minute at all other times. (GREAT BRITAIN ONLY) CODEMASTERS TENNIS was brought to you by . . . Program and Graphics Mark Rivers Music Lyndon Sharp Project Director Tim Miller Game Design Gavin Raeburn Cover Illustration Liz Darling Production Stew Regan This program, including code, graphics, music and artwork are the copyright of CodeMasters Software Co. Ltd and no part may be copied, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any forn or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of CodeMasters Software Co. Ltd. MADE IN ENGLAND Published by CodeMasters Software Co. Ltd., PO Box 6, Leamington Spa, England CV33 0SH.

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