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Wizard Willy

Last Update : Monday 01 March 2021 at 21 h 16

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WIZARD WILLY is the last hope for FIFI the Fairy, trapped in the Emperor's huge fortress! CLIMB and JUMP through the enchanted forest, enter the dungeons, climb the castle, and get out onto the battlements. You must collect ALL 10 of the MAGIC EYES, before you confront the GUARDIAN SKULL at the end of each level. If you can beat him, you proceed onto the next level. Exploding TRAPS have been planted by the Emperor, you must jump over these or LOSE A LIFE! Collect: VANISH SPELL ZAP all creatures on the screen. ENERGY Top up your strength RESURRECTION An extra life. MAGIC POWER Extra lightning bolts. "The fun starts here" LOADING: on the 464 type RUN"" (ENTER) on the 664/6128 type: |TAPE(ENTER)RUN"" (ENTER) CONTROLS: Keyboard Joystick Start game FIRE FIRE Go Left O LEFT Go Right P RIGHT Go Up Q UP Go Down A DOWN Cast LIGHTNING! SPACE FIRE Pause ESC HINTS AND TIPS: * Avoid any contact with Monsters, this will drain your strength. * You can climb up the trees from behind. * Use vanish spell wisely. * You may need to jump across ledges going back several screens to collect all the MAGIC EYES. * Monsters on later levels breath fire, these are especially deadly. ---------- - - | COLLECTORS | | ---- | | . ( No 5 ) . | | ---- | | EDITION | - - ---------- COLLECTORS EDITION All CARTOON TIME games are uniquely numbered, collect any five, send us the bar codes and become an official member of the Cartoon Time club. You will receive our free hints, tips and passwords on all Cartoon Time and CodeMasters games, plus a super catalogue full of colour "T" shirts, Badges, Posters, Pens, Stickers Etc. of your favourite CARTOON TIME and CODEMASTERS games. "DON'T FORGET COLLECT THE SET" WIZARD WILLY was brought to you by . . . Coding and Game Design Dave Semmens Graphics Ross Music Mike Chiltern Project Director Tim Miller Production Stewart Regan Illustration Allastair Graham This program including code, graphics, music and artwork is the copyright of The Code Masters Software Co. Ltd. and no part may be copied, stored, transmitted or reproduced in any form or by any means, hired or lent without the express permission of The CodeMasters Software Co. Limited. MADE IN ENGLAND Published by CodeMasters Software Co. Ltd. P.O. Box 6, Southam, Warwickshire, England CV33 0SH

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