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The Curse Of Rabenstein

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The Curse of Rabenstein - A Puddle Soft Adventure --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "We should try to find a place to stay for the night. The horses need a rest." Those were the coachman's last words before he disappeared without a trace. Lost deep in the Black Forest, you soon find out that some things should remain buried forever. ABOUT THIS GAME: The Curse of Rabenstein is the new graphic-/textadventure from Stefan Vogt, the author of the acclaimed Hibernated interactive fiction series. It is the first release from Puddle Soft, a collective formed by members of Pond and with the mission of creating new games for the classic 8-bit and 16-bit home computers of the 80s. The Curse of Rabenstein is following the paths of the legendary adventures from Level 9, but it tries to meet modern gaming expectations, so that the most sophisticated genre back from the day transforms into a contemporary homage. SYSTEMS: Rabenstein is available for C64, Plus/4, CPC, ZX Spectrum (+3, ESXDOS, Next), Amiga, Atari ST, DOS and modern PC. REQUIREMENTS / STARTING YOUR ADVENTURE: C64 - Insert the game disk, then type: LOAD"*",8,1. Once loading is done, type RUN. Plus/4 - Insert the game disk, then type: LOAD"*",8. Once loading is done, type RUN. CPC - Rabenstein should run on any machine with an internal or external disc drive. Insert disc side 1, then type: run"disc. The game will ask you to insert disc side 2 at a certain point of progress. Spectrum +3 - Insert disk side 2 then use the machine's built-in LOADER function Spectrum esxDOS - This allows playing the +3 version of Rabenstein on any ZX Spectrum with a divMMC device. Just copy all files to a folder on your divMMC SD card and load the game as you would load any other game. If you bought the physical edition, you find this version on the supplied SD card. Spectrum Next - Just copy all files to a folder on your Spectrum Next SD media and load the game as you would load any other game. Note that the Spectrum Next version makes use of the machine's extended capabilities and thus presents location graphics on-par with the 16-bit versions. It also runs at smooth 14Mhz to make sure the text is fluid on screen and graphics are loaded fast. If you bought the physical edition, you find this version on the supplied SD card(s). Amiga - Insert the game disk. Rabenstein will auto-execute. Atari ST - Insert the game disk. Double-click RABENST.PRG to start your adventure. DOS - Copy all contents to a hard disk drive. Execute RABENST.COM to start your adventure. Modern PC - The game will run on any modern PC with a JavaScript enabled browser. Just open the HTML file to get started. If you bought the physical edition, you find this version on the supplied SD card. SAVING / LOADING: You can SAVE and LOAD your progress anytime. When asked for the filename to load, be sure to first insert the disc where you saved your game. GAMEPLAY: Generally you may use the in-game HELP function to get a basic overview how to play the game. PARSER LOGIC: The game conforms to a two word logic, e.g. EAT APPLE. INTERACTION: The objects you urgently need to interact with to complete the game are visible under YOU NOTICE. EXAMINE / SEARCH: A pretty important but anachronistic practice is to EXAMINE objects you can interact with, so you learn more about them or get useful hints. Sometimes you also need to SEARCH to progress further. Please note that EXAMINE and SEARCH is not the same in this adventure and thus may trigger different results. Make sure you try to examine the things mentioned in the room descriptions as there is much to discover and these replies add a lot to the game's atmosphere and the background story. Try to EXAMINE FOREST or EXAMINE SHADOWS at the location where you start to get an idea about it. DYING: As scary as this game is, you can't die in Rabenstein. There are also no dead ends. The progress is very linear. HINTS: A map is not urgently necessary for Rabenstein. RELEASE INFORMATION: Type VERSION and CREDITS to see which version of the game you're running. LEGAL: The Curse of Rabenstein is (C) 2020 Stefan Vogt and Puddle Software. All rights reserved. WEB: Stefan Vogt on itch.io: 8bitgames.itch.io Puddle Software: http://puddlesoft.net Publisher: http://polyplay.xyz PLEASE SUPPORT THE HARD WORK THAT WENT INTO THIS AND DONATE VIA ITCH.IO. YOU CAN ALSO BUY ME A COFFEE http://ko-fi.com/8bitgames ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

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