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Isolation Jokes

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ISOLATION JOKES - for all CPCs - by G Camp, 2020 Short programme to load/display jokes to help through these social isolation times. A little laughter helps, and just putting joke file together has helped with my sanity. "JOKES.BAS" is the main file and runs in mode 2. "JOKES1.BAS" is an early mode 1 version and is included here for those that prefer that resolution, but it does have limitations - longer jokes may scroll off the screen, you are stuck with the colour scheme I programmed it with! Joke files are loaded at random and jokes are displayed in a random order. A new joke file loaded every 10 jokes to give a better chance of variety. Colour scheme can be changed on the intro screen and also when ever the screen is not actively being written to - press 0-9. All jokes are kid safe, ie sexual jokes have not been included. Some jokes may offend some groups as some humour is based on stereotypes - appologies for offending anyone. There is no 'QUIT' shortcut - just press escape! PROGRAMME ADJUSTMENTS: You can add your own joke files in a format as described below. Any files must be sequentually named with no gaps else loading errors may occur. Edit line 120 after you have added a joke file to the disc: 'jfiles'=number of joke files available 'jmx'=number of jokes told before a new joke file is loaded Colour schemes choices can be changed by editing lines 530-610 JOKE FILES: Jokes are held in files named "j1.bin" to "j??.bin" and are loaded at &6800 Format is: 1st byte - number of jokes in the file Jokes Address Table - 2 byte pointer of adress of each joke - in order jokes - jokes! - If first byte is 0 the joke is a Q/A joke - if Q/A joke then Answer stars with a 255 byte - All jokes end with a 255 byte - A '1' byte in the middle of a joke means "print to a new line here" - A '2' byte in the middle of a joke means "print a double line space" Easiest was to make a joke file is to use an assembler (there is no programming involved, just editing text - winAPE is good for this as you can cut/paste from a text file/the internet/etc while in windows. A sample .asm file is on this disc. A collection of .asm files used to make the joke files on this disc is included in this zip file. Test your joke files by running JOKETEST.BAS - after you have edited the joke file name in line 1, This a cut down version of the jokes programme that will show each joke in a file in order so that any errors in the files can be found and any improvements in a jokes layout can be edited. HINT: You can use this to look at all the jokes in any of the included joke files. ENJOY and KEEP SAFE

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