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GB TETRIS Emulator For Amstrad CPC 6128 [CPC CPC+]

Last Update : Sunday 27 September 2020 at 21 h 06

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GB TETRIS EMULATOR FOR AMSTRAD CPC 6128(+) Version 1.1a For copyright reasons the GB Tetris rom must ***not*** be included in this package. Requires an AMSTRAD CPC 6128(+) to operate. Put rom file named "rom.bin" (using managedsk tool for example) into the dsk file as binary file (import with no header). Possibly working with tetris v1.1 On a CPC Type run"temu" to play. On a CPC+ Type run"temuplus" to play. 2 players mode doesn't work because there's no GB link emulation. Controls: Change display palette on CPC: 0 Key (18 different sets of palettes) GB cursor: Arrows keys or OPQA keys or joystick Start: Enter or Return Key Select: Space Bar Key A button: Tab Key or Joy Fire 1 or Left Shift B button: CapsLock Key or Joy Fire 2 or Left Control Emulate original GB palette on CPC+: 4 keys combination plus (will crash if used on a non + machine). You can edit the CPC and CPC+ palette, see temu.bas or temuplus.bas from line 210 Thanks goes to: TotO for providing gb inlay + 9 cpc palettes and cpc+ main palette to minic the console => great work ! Longshot from bug fixes and z80 code optimisation Norecess for suggesting adding new keys

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