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SILK DUST A text adventure, by Davide Bucci Introduction Today is April 19, 1907. You, Emilia Vittorini, arrived yesterday in Varenna, on the shore of the beautiful Lake Como. You are hosted at the magnificent Villa Briccorosso; Princess Lucilla Briccorosso is preparing for the Silk Road Race, a 10,000km rally raid between Cairo in Egypt and Peking in China, to be done by car. You represent ITA, founded by your father, the company that built the car the Princess just bought to use during the rally. The car is supposed to be delivered today. Your role will be to assist the delivery and make sure everything is perfectly functional. Not everything will work following your plans... Here is a link to the webpage dedicated to Silk Dust: http://davbucci.chez-alice.fr/index.php?argument=varie/silk/silk.inc Alternatively, check them on Itch.io: https://darwinne.itch.io/silk-dust The game is available for many other 8-bit and 16-bit platforms. A text adventure is a game where all the interaction takes places with text and you instruct your alter ego by typing command at a prompt. The rest is done by your fantasy! Here are some important commands: "look": describe again the location where the player is present. "examine object": describe the specified object. "north" or "n" or "go to north": moves to the north, if possible. Other directions are "s", "e", "w", "up", "down". At a certain moment of the game, you will have to use other commands, but instructions will be given at the due moment. The command "bye" allows to exit from the game and "restart" well... restarts it. You can "take" objects that you notice and you can have a list of carried objects with "inventory". The following abbreviations are available: "l" for "look" "x" or "ex" for "examine" "i" or "inve" or "inven" for "inventory" The game is divided in four parts. When you complete one of them, you will get a code that allows to immediately jump to the beginning of the next part. Those passwords are important, write them down! You can also "save" and "load" your progress on disk on most computers that can load the game from disks.

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