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Football Predictor

Last Update : Friday 09 April 2021 at 21 h 01

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FOOTBALL PREDICTOR This program can be used as a support in football (or other sports) betting. The program choose a random number between 0 and 100. Then, based in a few questions regarding teams league standings, recent form or significant injuries, the variable number goes down or up. If the number is 40 or lower, the program predicts a Home Win. If the number is between 41 and 79, the program predicts a draw. If the number is 80 or bigger, then the prediction is an away win. These percentages are accurate to the numbers of home wins, draws and away wins in major football leagues on recent years. Made using CAPRICE32 emulator of an Amstrad CPC 6128 TO LOAD THE GAME Using a Amstrad CPC Emulator, load fbpredictor.dsk then type RUN"fbpredic

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