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Rockford: The Arcade Game

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ROCKFORD THE ARCADE GAME THE WORLDS On each of the five exciting worlds that you will be adventuring over, you will face a fresh set of mindtwistingly difficult puzzles, and a new range of mayhem wreaking monsters and a different type of treasure hoard. Each of the worlds contains four difficulty levels. Each of these levels is completely different from any of the others. There is a complete range of challenges, for every one of the sixteen screens that makes up a world has hundreds of puzzles for you to solve as you try to collect all of the treasure without ending up crushed under a rock. WORLD 1 ROCKFORD THE HUNTER IN THE CAVERNS OF CRAYMAR The fabulous Caverns of Craymar contain a Pharaoh's treasure store, though not that of any of the Pharoahs of Egypt, though Ahkarn-stah would certainly have considered himself to be an Egyptian. When the Egyptian Empire was at its height, it stretched over a far greater area than that which is today known as Egypt, stretching far to the south into the jungles of tropical Africa. Where the Egyptians encountered the Pygmies, the Pygmies took to the life-style, civilisation, and religion of the Egyptians, and after the Egyptian Empire declined, the Pygmy Priests set up their own court modelled on the great court at Thebes. They considered themselves to be Egyptian, of course they wrote in Egyptian Hieroglyphs, and dressed in the Egyptian style, modified to suit the steamier conditions of the jungle. You are collecting the Pharoah's Death Masks. Preventing you from doing this there are green and blue snakes, bats, and monkeys. The normal walls are made up of toucans, the magic walls of elephants. WORLD 2 ROCKFORD THE COOK IN THE KITCHENS OF KYSSANDRA Among the many valleys that lie between the high peaks of the Himalayas between the oriental kingdoms of India and China, many are renown for the fabled qualities of life, however although it is perhaps more splendid than others more famous, the name of the valley of Li'tsi'pai has been forgotten. The valley is ruled by the great prince, and the one they hold most dear is the source of the Apples of Eternal Youth. There is only one tree, whose location is hidden from all but the Overlord. However, the apples are taken to the Palace's kitchens, where they are served to the Overlord and his retinue. You are collecting the apples, watch out for the snakes made up of hamburgers and pizzas, avoid the falling oranges, and the eggs and toast that are flying around, walls are either corn cobs or cutlery. WORLD 3 ROCKFORD THE COWBOY IN THE SEARCH FOR EL DORADO Long before White Men reached the New World, many civilisations had flourished on its fertile soil. When the Spanish arrived they were astonished at the amount of gold about, but that is nothing said the Aztecs, for somewhere hidden in the Plains of North America lies the land of El Dorado, the Man of Gold. Here gold was as plentiful as sand, worn by all, used for all necessary implements of life. Valued not at all. Many of the great minds have rejected the tales of El Dorado as pure myth, created to fool the Spanish, but that has not stopped many men looking for them. ROCKFORD knows the wise men were wrong for he knows where the treasure is. Here you are collecting the Indian pennies, these are the coins with the Red Indian head-dress motif. Watch out for the wagon train and the iron horse, or railroad trains that will be heading out for you. Make sure that you do not tumble over the tumble weed. Avoid being scalped by the tomahawks or shot by the revolvers or it will be Boot Hill for you. Finally, do not forget that there is no way through them cactus, and you will ride off into the sunset. WORLD 4 ROCKFORD THE SPACEMAN IN THE DEEP DARK DEPTHS OF OUTER SPACE "When you wish upon a star...", the furthest of your travels for this is not even in this world. Out in the depths of space you can gather up the stars like dust. Encased in your space suit all you need to worry about are the aliens and flying saucers, rogue comets and stray rockets, galaxies, planets and shooting stars. Were it not for these minor problems you would have no problem in gathering the greatest of all the treasures. You must collect the suns, while avoiding the crazy comets, the spaceships and the rockets. Remember Newton and do not let any of the planets fall on you. WORLD 5 ROCKFORD THE DOCTOR IN DOCTOR FRANKENSTEIN High in the mountains of Eastern Europe on the banks of the Danube looking down over the plains of Transylvania, sits the laboratory of Dr. Frankenstein. Born son of the Baron, the Doctor has let his lands go to waste as he spends all of his time locked away, with a single faithful servant as his only companion, working in his laboratory. Unknown to those around him the mad doctor is at work creating his creature, an artificial human made with the dead parts of others, with no knowledge of any life before the Doctor created them. All of his monsters are merely obedient slaves with no will of their own. Collect the hearts and avoid everything else, especially the dancing skeletons and the Frankenstein monsters. You do not want to find out why the ears are flying around, and you certainly do not want to try to outstare the eyes. With the skulls out to invite you over to their side of life, you will be pleased to know that the graves are an impenetrable barrier. OTHER FEATURES Just in case that is not enough for you, there are several other features tucked away. Of course all the worlds have an adequate supply of fire and taps and amoebas and other delights, all the creature comforts of home. Mind you, not all the levels feature water, for in the Doctor's world the taps drip blood. Fire is of course dangerous, it needs to be put out by the water, but to get water, or blood in Frankenstein's Laboratory, you need to first find a tap and turn it on. You can then push the drops of water, or blood, around to quench the flames. Snakes have magical powers to alter objects, some snakes turn any rock that their head touches into treasure, but beware, others turn treasure into rocks. Walls will grow horizontally on certain levels, so be careful how you remove objects, or you will end up boxed in. On other levels you can create treasure by dropping rocks through the walls. Clocks gain you extra time if you can get to them. In certain circumstances there is nothing to do except to commit suicide by pressing the "Restart Level" key. At the start of play you can choose which of the five worlds you wish to adventure in. WHAT YOU WILL SEE ON THE SCREEN Most of the screen is taken up by the playing area itself. This will scroll as you move about the screen showing you the rest of the four screens that make up each level. Obviously this is made up of treasure and rocks and monsters and walls. At the top of the screen there is a status panel. The exact layout of this panel depends on the machine that you are using. However all the panels give you the same basic information. STATUS PANEL The status panel at the top of the screen gives you the following information. Number of treasure items to be collected. Time left to complete level, number of lives left, current level and world.

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